Unable to synchronise some calendar items to pda

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by Mervyn, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. Mervyn

    Mervyn Guest


    I have a user who is unable to synch all her calendar items to her O2 Atom
    life PDA. The Sync has completed. But apparently some of the events are
    still not able to snyc in after random check. Eg. Some of her recurring
    items are not synchronised and these items have an end date and duration
    set to 2 hours, etc. Some of her calendar items also have long comments &
    her outlook calendar size is more than 24mb.

    Can I check what is the maximum calendar size windows mobile can allow to
    store in the PDA? Does microsoft has an article on the total calendar size
    that it will allow to be sync into the pda?
    Please refer to the test I have done on her pda.

    Test Done:

    I try to create a new event. Snyc is successful. For those event that cannot
    snyc, I modify its content by adding spacing & the snyc is successful.

    However, it is virtually impossible to scroll thru her calendar items as
    there are 9000 over items and it is just not possible to add all spacing to
    all those calendar items that are having issue with the
    synchronisation.Could it be that some of her Outlook calendar items
    are(corrupted) due to the file size too big?

    What is the best solution to fix her issue?


    Mervyn, Mar 6, 2009
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  2. Could you repeat the problem? ;-)

    The most-common cause of a particular calendar item not syncing is that
    there are notes or other attachments to the item that make it bigger than
    16k. You could check that. There's also some problem with items that don't
    have end dates, so you could try setting an end date far into the future and
    see if that matters. You might also use the Outlook menu item to Detect and
    Repair, just in case there's a problem with the database on the PC.

    What do you mean by "adding spacing"? That doesn't have any meaning for

    Paul T.
    Paul G. Tobey [eMVP], Mar 9, 2009
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  3. And those files are what? .dat files? What's that? If I open them with a
    picture viewer, I get a small picture of an error message, but there's
    nothing indicative of what you're saying you have to do to make a calendar
    item sync successfully.

    Did you do a Detect & Repair as I suggested previously?

    Paul T.

    Paul G. Tobey [eMVP], Mar 12, 2009
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