Undoing removal of anonymous access to default web site

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Mike Wolfe, May 12, 2006.

  1. Mike Wolfe

    Mike Wolfe Guest

    We have SBS 2003 Premium fully patched, and ISA 2004 running in Proxy only
    mode with a single NIC going through an external firewall.

    I wanted to restrict internet acccess to the default web site, so I unticked
    'Allow Anonymous Access' in the Directory Security | Authentication and
    Access Control tab. I got a screen 'Inheritance Overrides' listing
    default.htm,Exchadm,Exchange,exchange-oma, Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync, OMA
    and Public as Child Nodes which also dfined the value of 'UNCPassword', so I
    selected them all, and clicked OK. I then got a longer list of files (I
    believe) with a similar or identical description, so I selected all them and
    did OK.

    Apparently not a good idea, as now My Outlook Web Access consistently gives
    me a 'You could not be lgged on to Outlook Web Access' and refuses all
    attemptrs, even domain admins. This applies whether or not I come in from
    the internet, or on the internal network.

    So I re-ticked the Allow anonymous access box, but that by itself is not
    enough as I get the same error. I have stopped and started the default web
    site, and done an iisrestart, but still cannot login to owa.

    I've been unable to find a specific KB stating how to re-establisgh the
    permissions, thus this query.

    ANyone able to help???


    Mike Wolfe, May 12, 2006
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