Unexplainable VPC network success with RedHat Linux on VPC

Discussion in 'Virtual PC' started by narn, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. narn

    narn Guest

    Have been fighting with getting RedHat Linux VPC's running on the network.
    Tried every configuration I could think of but none worked. Then this
    morning I started running back through the different configs and suddenly
    one started working correctly. I have no idea why.

    The VPC is on the network, the host OS access the VPC and the VPC can access
    the host. VPC can get to all network resources. Tried duplicating the set up
    on a second VPC image copied from the same ancestor as the first and could
    not get it working.

    Made a copy of the working image, adjusted the IP on the Linux side and it
    is happy also. Verified both images can run simultaneously and inter-operate
    perfectly. Since my goal is get the things working and not to understand VPC
    oddities, I'm moving on.

    Host Config:
    OS: Win 2000 Server
    Network: hardwired LAN with DHCP, static IP of, default gateway
    VPC: MS VPC 2004 SP1

    VPC Settings:
    Network Adapter: Ethernet Controller

    OS: RedHat 6.1
    Network: Manual config on subnet with default gateway
    narn, Sep 25, 2005
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  2. narn

    narn Guest

    Subsequent copies of the two images do not function properly. The network
    adapter will no come up while the original two images still work fine. It
    looks like it could be some kind of race condition during Linux start-up.

    The images that function show the NIC using IRQ 11. Those that don't
    function do not have an IRQ associated with the NIC. An attempt to config
    the adapter to use IRQ 11 (ifconfig eth0 IRQ 11) returns the error "Resource
    not available". Tried excluding IRQ 11 by placing an entry in
    /etc/pcmcia/config.opts but that did not help.

    Any ideas?

    narn, Sep 25, 2005
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