Unicode byte-order bug in EXIF "User Comment" field?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Music, Pictures and Video' started by osoviejo, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. osoviejo

    osoviejo Guest

    Vista Ultimate 64, fully patched.

    When I use Windows Explorer (Properties/Details) to edit the Comments
    field, this sets both the custom "XP Comment" field as well as the
    standard EXIF "User Comment" field.

    The Unicode that is written to the EXIF "User Comment" field is always
    little-endian, which is a bug if the EXIF byte-ordering for the image is

    The consequence is that the behavior of third-party apps handling the
    User Comment field correctly is unpredictable--and unless they've
    implemented a workaround (like exiftool)--broken.

    IrfanView will insert a space between every character, PowerEXIF
    displays gibberish, while BetterJPEG gives up completely and treats the
    field as an empty string.

    Is there a patch available for this bug? If not, is anyone working on
    it? Aware of it?

    Michael Roper
    osoviejo, Mar 7, 2008
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