Unlock the aspect ratio of MCE for DVD playback?

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Ed Render, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. Ed Render

    Ed Render Guest

    I have MCE hooked up to a 50" 16:9 RPTV using powerstrip and a transcoder
    which has worked well for a couple of years now. I use an 848 X 480
    resolution to view content such as pictures, videos, and desktop (square
    pixels). However, for DVDs I prefer a different resolution - 1440 X 480, as
    the resolution is far better than what would be seen under 848 X 480.

    Unfortunately, the only way I've been able to play DVDs in 1440X480 is to
    use the WinDVD player directly (not using MCE) as there is an option to
    "unlock the aspect ratio". If I try to use MCE to play a DVD under this
    resolution, the aspect ratio is locked (which obviously is distorted in
    under 1440 X 480).

    Can I get around this somehow? I'd really love to use the UI of MCE for DVD
    Ed Render, Apr 23, 2004
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