Unzipping files on a laptop - what on earth?!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by kuju, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. kuju

    kuju Guest

    My first experience of Vista was through a work laptop today. As the first
    user I put it through it's install process - the usual interminable
    setup/installation... and after a few hours (yes HOURS) the machine was
    finally ready..

    I then downloaded a copy of Office 2003 from our network (this is part of
    our campus agreement with Microsoft so it's legal) and tried to unzip it...
    after a while I had a window telling me it was unzipping the file - and was
    anticipating taking 14 hours to do so!!! It also tried running the setup file
    straight away without any of the other files unzipped. I ended up taking the
    whole zip file off, moving it to a very old XP machine which then unzipped it
    in 2 minutes.

    Can someone please tell me why it was so painfully slow and how to avoid
    this in future?

    Bear in mind this was the first ever action this laptop had performed after
    the installation and I assume since it shipped with Vista it was capable of
    using it.

    As things stand I have NO intention of getting Vista for my next home
    desktop but will buy a custom made machine and use XP instead...or possibly

    Not impressed.
    kuju, Oct 1, 2007
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  2. kuju

    Adam Leinss Guest

    Were you using the built-in extractor or a 3rd party one? I use WinRAR to
    explode large (>1 GB) RAR sets and I have absolutely no problems on Vista.

    Adam Leinss, Oct 2, 2007
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  3. kuju

    Bobby Guest

    let me guess, this was a hp pavilion laptop? I guess it's the problem with
    the drivers or something, I have this issue and many others on my laptop but
    my desktop run on vista without any bugs.
    Bobby, Nov 6, 2007
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