update error #elemenmoduleheadertext - screen does not upload prop

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by mickd1608, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. mickd1608

    mickd1608 Guest

    Hi - I am using Windows Vista, home package since September. Since then, all
    the automatic updates worked fine till last week, when it went through all
    the steps, did the restart, but then got a message that the update had failed.

    Now I get messages that updates are waiting, and I should change to manual.
    Either way, if I go into Widows Updates, or try to change to manual updates
    the screens do not upload properly.

    On Windows update, get the message noted in my subject heading above
    #element.. etc, the ok / cancel buttons are just plain blue, no wording, when
    I click on what should be ok, I get the message #actioncustomimporttext.. and
    again, no ok or cancel buttons. I can find what else I need to do.

    Any help would be appreciated it.

    Thanks in advance
    mickd1608, Nov 13, 2009
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