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Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by paul4golf, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. paul4golf

    TaurArian Guest

    The OP in question at that time definitely had 0x80070002 not 0x80070020.
    I was aware of the closeness of the numbers but at this stage anything
    He had turned off the AV software etc but forgot Spybot Teatimer.
    The code was 0x80070002.

    TaurArian, Nov 29, 2007
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  2. paul4golf

    PA Bear Guest

    [Sorry for sticking my nose in here, K. Asking about Spybot (Tea Timer) is
    certainly worth a shot here.]
    PA Bear, Nov 29, 2007
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  3. paul4golf

    PA Bear Guest

    Thanks, George. Yes, please keep us informed. This has got all of us
    scratching our heads.
    ~PA Bear
    PA Bear, Nov 29, 2007
  4. paul4golf

    RAH072979 Guest

    Just for fun I turned Kaspersky off and went through the file deletion and
    update process again. Still no go.

    RAH072979, Nov 29, 2007
  5. paul4golf

    GeorgeOF Guest

    For what it's worth: I do run Spybot. I turned it off, restarted and tried
    the update again. 0x80070002 came the stern reply.

    I must confess, I have not tried turning off AVG (which I also run)
    GeorgeOF, Nov 29, 2007
  6. paul4golf

    Fallstar Guest

    I do not have Spybot installed. But I do have BitDefender Internet Security
    running, as well as Windows Defender.
    Fallstar, Nov 29, 2007
  7. paul4golf

    Keninsb Guest

    I have the same problem. I run windows update and get an error message
    indication that "Some Updates Were Not Installed" along with error code
    80070002. The update that did not install is Microsoft.NET Framework 1.1
    Service Pack1. I followed the instructions in "Windows Help and Support" and
    deleted in the DataDtore and Download folders located in the Windows and
    SoftwareDistribution folders.
    I am running Windows Vista Home Premium. GeorgeOF posted a good link
    (http://support.microsoft.com/Default.aspx?kbid=867460) that explains what
    improvements the update provides AND what systems that it supports (including
    Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows Vista). This one is going to have to be
    tackled by MS, after researching the issue I see little to no help being
    offerer by MS in the forums.

    Keninsb, Nov 29, 2007
  8. paul4golf

    Zak Guest

    I think everyone is having this problem. There doesn't appear to be a
    solution, probrably a MS problem. Best bet is to hide the update and check
    back in a day or so. That's what I'm doing anyway.
    Zak, Nov 29, 2007
  9. paul4golf

    TaurArian Guest

    Fallstar, BitDefender has been known to cause problems before in Vista.
    Do you have real-time-protection turned on?
    TaurArian, Nov 29, 2007
  10. paul4golf

    TaurArian Guest

    Virus scanning recommendations for computers that are running Windows Server
    2003, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
    This could also be relevant to Vista.

    Perhaps the AVs are corrupting the softwaredistribution folder.

    You receive a "0x80070002" or "0x80070003" error code after you download an
    update from Windows Update, from Microsoft Update, or from Windows Server
    Update Services
    Windows Update Error 0x80070002
    TaurArian, Nov 29, 2007
  11. paul4golf

    TaurArian Guest

    R, you're not sticking your nose in. I was just explaining why I thought Tea
    Timer may be an issue. Call it thinking out loud. There has to be something
    in common with all these posters as to why they are experiencing the same
    problem, is it AV or is it some other program or similar that they have.

    Any sort of real time protection has been known to cause problems.


    TaurArian, Nov 29, 2007
  12. paul4golf

    TaurArian Guest

    TaurArian, Nov 29, 2007
  13. paul4golf

    Stepper4244 Guest

    Stepper4244, Nov 29, 2007
  14. paul4golf

    TaurArian Guest

    TamaraB, have you tried manually downloading and installing the update or
    installing the update directly from the softwaredistribution/downloads
    folder? Some have had a little success there.

    BTW there is rarely anyone from MS monitoring this forum.

    TaurArian, Nov 29, 2007
  15. paul4golf

    mustarddog Guest

    Thank you TaurArian, this manual install worked for me.
    mustarddog, Nov 29, 2007
  16. paul4golf

    brittybabe69 Guest

    If you're running Vista, then you need to install the Framework manually. It
    can be found here: -> C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Install
    I had the same error message, and had no problems installing manually.
    brittybabe69, Nov 29, 2007
  17. paul4golf

    Dave Horne Guest

    This isn't a solution per se but I uninstalled microsoft.NET Framework 1.1
    from Control Panel \ Programs. If I ever need this in the future I can
    always download it from MS downloads at a later date.
    Dave Horne, Nov 29, 2007
  18. paul4golf

    Emilia Guest

    I ignored the update and the icon after a few hours was no longer on my
    notification area. I checked to see if it still needed to be installed and
    noticed it was installed around 12am with no errors.

    Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1

    Installation date: ‎11/‎29/‎2007 12:01 AM

    Installation status: Successful

    So my best guess is to just ignore it (make sure the icon stays visible in
    your notification area) and then check back later. If the icon has
    disappeared chances are it installed. Check to make sure.
    Emilia, Nov 29, 2007
  19. paul4golf

    tb Guest

    Same problem here. However go to:


    after download and run the file


    manually. Works fine.
    tb, Nov 29, 2007
  20. paul4golf

    tomedcollins Guest

    I can empathise with your frustration Tamara - I'm unable to install no less
    than 7 'important' and 'recommended' updates, and while I accept that this
    board isn't monitored by MS agents, what I don't accept is not receiving the
    promised reply within one business day for the help request I sent in on the
    subject. I've now sent in another one, and will continue to do so every day
    until I get some sort of response. From what i've read around various forums,
    i'm not the only one whose help request has been met by MS with absolutely no

    Due to one of the updates I can't install being a hotfix without which many
    games crash and others don't even load in the first place, I now have a
    gaming PC which I can't play up-to-date games on. I don't want to buy a copy
    of XP and replace Vista, but it's looking like i've got no other choice
    unless I reconcile myself with being stuck with an overpowered internet
    browsing and e-mailing machine!
    tomedcollins, Nov 29, 2007
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