Update for Windows XP (KB913670)

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Liz, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. Liz

    Liz Guest

    Why does my computer keeps saying this update fails over and over? Thanks for
    all you people out there. I enjoy reading them and learn something maybe
    along the way. Thanks again Liz
    Liz, Jul 14, 2006
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  2. On the WU Website, select your history of updates - now click on failed
    update (red mark) and see if there is an error code.
    If there is an error code, write it down and post back or in the
    alternative, do a search for the error code.

    You Cannot Install Some Updates or Programs

    TaurArian [MS-MVP] 2005-2007 - Australia
    "Need more help? http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=ph;en-us;6527
    (Links to web pages and MSKB Articles are posted for the purposes of keeping
    the information current)
    TaurArian [MS-MVP], Jul 14, 2006
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  3. TaurArian [MS-MVP], Jul 14, 2006
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