Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 (KB900325

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Crashed in Dash Point, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. I cannot get this to install. It "fails" but there is no indication of why.
    Please, any ideas?
    Crashed in Dash Point, Apr 3, 2007
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  2. Crashed in Dash Point

    Jimmy Guest

    i get the same thing every time and if i dont get it workin i wont be able
    to upgrade to MP11
    Jimmy, Apr 5, 2007
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  3. Crashed in Dash Point

    Ig Guest

    Same here. I opened a support incident with MS the other day (free
    for Windows Update). I have a freshly installed PC (MCE2005) and
    can't friggin' believe this is happening. Every suggested fix online
    has failed for me. I spent hours/days working on this, time of which
    I really don't have for this nonsense.

    These are my symtoms:

    -- \WINDOWS\mcsetup.log --
    Generic Package: 04/10/07. 22:03:01
    Looking for existing install of the generic package
    Creating Process: WindowsXP-KB899337-v2-x86.exe /quiet /norestart
    Process returned 0x00000643

    Function (ExecCmdInThread) Post Message for Package id : 1043.

    -- \WINDOWS\MCSetup_UI.log --
    10:02:22 PM : Initializing 1st package.
    10:02:22 PM : Install package 1 [Hotfix for Windows XP (KB895572)].
    10:02:38 PM : Install package 2 [Hotfix for Windows XP (KB895572)].
    10:02:50 PM : Install package 3 [Hotfix for Windows XP (KB891593)].
    10:03:01 PM : Install package 4 [Hotfix for Windows XP (KB895961)].
    10:03:12 PM : Install package 5 [Hotfix for Windows XP].
    The update to Media Center was not successful. The computer will now
    be restarted and restored to the state it was in before the update.
    Please try the installation again, or contact your hardware
    manufacturer for assistance if the problem persists.
    10:03:24 PM : Rebooting the machine.
    10:03:24 PM : Checking Exit Code.
    10:03:24 PM : MCinstaller returned exit code - 1603
    10:03:24 PM : Exiting

    These are consistently occurring regardless of what changes,
    uninstalls of hotfixes, etc are made to my PC. I asked MS support
    what the last install package is all about. Maybe they will show some
    integrity and answer the question instead of providing additional
    textbook responses.
    If I get anything helpful I'll update.
    Ig, Apr 11, 2007
  4. Crashed in Dash Point

    Ig Guest

    Ig, Apr 14, 2007
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