updating HID-compliant mouse

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by michael, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. michael

    michael Guest

    I was advised by Kensington that they don't have Vista dirvers for my 5
    button mouse, as Microsoft had already planned ahead and incorporated them
    into the Vista O/S.

    Problem is, I can't get Vista to recognize my mouse so I can change the
    HID-compliant mouse entry in my device manager to a Kensington Ci60 optical
    wireless and program the three other buttons I have.

    Can anyone provide any assistance or insight?
    michael, Oct 6, 2007
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  2. michael

    Bill Hill Guest

    I feel your pain.
    Simplfy, at first.

    You only need 1 button to install cleanly, so invest in a new low end
    Microsoft wired mouse, just to eliminate that from messing up your otherwise
    cool installation.

    I've had 2 mice running at once, one USB. Connect wired mouse first.
    Reboot, Windows Update.
    Connect cool mouse second, then reboot, WinUpdate, reboot.

    you'll be fine grasshopper.

    "Man with new Vista cannot have too many boots" (Fortune Cookie)
    Bill Hill, Oct 7, 2007
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  3. michael

    michael Guest


    Thanks for the heads up. Follwed your directions to the letter and am still
    unable to get Vista to recognize the Kensington mouse and update the
    HID-compliant mouse entry in my device manager accordingly.

    Might you have any additional thougths or suggestions?


    At the time this entry was written, the track pad, usb wired mouse and usb
    wireless mouse are all connected to the laptop and all function as basic
    michael, Oct 12, 2007
  4. michael

    Bill Hill Guest

    Congrast on getting basic mouse functions running.

    So your only problem is the additional buttons. It's a Kensington issue.

    Are the functions for these buttons pre-assigned, or are they programmable
    by the user?

    If pre-assigned, the functionality will be implemented by Kensington driver.
    If use programmable, the mouse driver is waiting for you to tell it what the
    extra buttons do. For multi-button mice (beyond 2 buttons), often times, it
    is the matching application program that picks up the link to the driver,
    Photoshop or CAD comes to mind. For games, I'm not sure which game under
    Vista works with which mouse/driver combo.

    Step by step, unplug devices you can live without. Start with the MS mouse.

    Next step would be to go to Kensignton and get their latest "Vista
    compatible drivers" and use those.

    I wouldn't keep banging on the HID-compliant door, I'd get fresh drivers,
    especially if you are running x64 Vista.

    Besides these ideas, I'd go to the 10,000 foot level and say, what do I want
    to accomplish? Can I do it with another mouse. Can it be a MS mouse, etc.

    (I had no luck with a lovely MS wireless notebook mouse on Vista Home 64
    Premium, FYI)

    For my money, a simple working corded optical mouse that isn't hassling my
    brain is worth 5 extra buttons on any HID device (smile)

    Use a simple mouse for a few months and let the drivers catch up with you,
    Starman. I wouldn't keep 2 mice plugged in case Vista freaks, only for a
    short period of testing. It is way too confusing for Vista to see multiple

    tho, here's another idea. Let's say the first time you installed Kensington
    mouse, the driver was old, or odd. The Windows update probably ran, maybe
    replacing or tinkering with the driver. Then maybe you loaded yet another
    fresher driver, assuming "well of couse, it will correctly uninstall the old
    and install the new"

    What do they say about assume? you got it.

    Maybe the registry in the Kensington device and software area looks like a
    kidney pie; if you have a UPS and are confident with regedit, you could
    delete the whole kensington support tree, reboot and start over, this time
    with new drivers. Export the registry first just in case, then burn it to a

    OK, I've assumed you have no infection of any kind, and that the bare
    minimum software is loaded. Maybe i'm wrong. I've also assumed this is a
    persistent problem, and you have already reloaded Vista spanking clean again,
    with all your fresh uninfected drivers on a thumb drive or CD.

    I could be wrong; your mileage may vary. Objects which appear on this screen
    may not be yada yada, but i'd reinstall is I was determined to get the thing
    working, and i'd do the fresh install FIRST with the known-good MS mouse,
    then add the K mouse, then subtract the MS mouse, with liberal reboots and
    Windows updates in between. When I say reboot, ideally it means Shut Down,
    wait 60 seconds, reboot.

    Michael, that's as far as I can go for you, i hope it is enough.

    Please try to help someone else as hard as I've tried to help you.
    Pass it on.


    Good luck
    Bill Hill, Oct 12, 2007
  5. michael

    Bill Hill Guest

    I forgot - SIMPLIFY. Take out the pad until the mouse is up.
    Bill Hill, Oct 12, 2007
  6. michael

    killinchy Guest

    I have been in touch with Kensington about Vista and my mouse. I
    specifically asked how do I configure the buttons using Vista. I
    never did get an answer to this question, but after a bit of back and
    forth I was advised that the best thing I could do was return the
    mouse and get my money back. What a bloody useless company Kensington
    is. How loyal they are to their customers. I shall never spend a
    cent on their products again.

    Any one want to buy a second-hand Kensington 5 button wireless
    killinchy, Oct 24, 2007
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