Upgrade fails: SQL Server Express 2005 to SQL Server 2005

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Niklas Jumlin, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    I have installed SQL Server Express 2005 on my Windows Small Business Server
    2003 R2 Premium. But I then afterwards noticed that there were two discs
    included with SQL Server 2005 that has no limits in the database sizes as the
    Express version have (4GB MAX). So I wanted to install the better version,
    but the setup ends with a warning saying I should run the setup of SQL Server
    2005 using command lines with the switch SKUUPGRADE=1.

    So I inserted the CD that was included with the R2 Premium Edition.
    I opened up a command prompt and wrote:

    start /wait D:\SQL2005\setup.exe SKUUPGRADE=1 /qb

    The installation didn't prompt for anything this time, it just ended without
    any confirmation. I started up "SQL Server Management Studio Express" and it
    said the following services was "Running": SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER). The
    instance name had changed from (SQLEXPRESS) to (MSSQLSERVER). But I went to
    properties for the service and it still says "Express Edition". So how do I
    manage to install the better version that was included with my package of Win
    SBS 2003 R2 Premium Edition?
    Niklas Jumlin, Jun 10, 2008
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  2. Niklas Jumlin

    Costas Guest

    The first thing you can do is check to see if the database was upgraded. In
    Management Studio, right click on the database and select 'Properties'.
    Then click on 'View Connection Properties' and check the value next to
    'Product Name'. If it says Express, then the database wasn't upgraded.

    Your best bet will be to uninstall SQL Server 2005 Express and install the
    Workgroup Edition that came with SBS. That assumes you make backups of your
    current databases.
    Costas, Jun 10, 2008
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  3. I did check the properties in Management Studio, it says "Express Edition".
    I did try to uninstall SQL Server Express 2005, but then when trying to
    install the workgroup edition it failed with an error saying I allready have
    a version of SQL Server Express installed. Any other suggestion?

    I lack knowledge of backup databases, is this something I will want to do? I
    have nothing that have intentionally put in a databse yet. But if the SBS
    server has put something in a database from an installation, I may want to
    backup that?! - Please advice.

    Niklas Jumlin, Jun 11, 2008
  4. Niklas Jumlin

    Costas Guest

    Starting with the backup, if you didn't create any databases of your own,
    you don't have to backup anything as far as SQL Server 2005 Express goes.

    When you uninstall SQL Server Express are there any instance running in the
    Services Manager? If not, restart the server and try installing the
    Workgroup edition again. If there are multiple instances running, you have
    to remove them one at a time.
    Costas, Jun 11, 2008
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