Upgrade from Dutch to English version

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Gek, May 8, 2008.

  1. Gek

    Gek Guest

    I would like to upgrade my Ducth Vista into an English version?
    What shall I do?
    If I buy an UK version and install it I might loose all my datas.
    Would it be safer to upgrade the actual version?
    If yes pls tell me how.

    Gek, May 8, 2008
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  2. Mark L. Ferguson, May 8, 2008
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  3. Gek

    Tim Slattery Guest

    Only Vista Ultimate supports switching languages. So you'd have to
    upgrade whatever version you're using to Ultimate (unless you're
    already there), then apply an English language pack.

    Two ways around this have recently come to light. Microsoft has
    recently released language packs for all versions of Vista at the
    download center: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/. Apparently these
    don't translate quite *everything* in the UI, and it may take a bit of
    searching to find the one you need.

    Another possibility is http://www.froggie.sk/, which claims to allow
    you to use the Ultimate language packs with any version of Vista. I
    have no experience with this myself.
    Tim Slattery, May 8, 2008
  4. Gek

    Earle Horton Guest

    Copy data to a backup device. Install a 100% new system from English-only
    install media. Copy/restore your data back to the system. Visit your
    computer manufacturer's web site to obtain English-language driver files.
    It may have these already.
    Language Interface Packs are designed to be applied over an English or other
    commonly used language system (e.g Spanish) to provide an interface in a
    less commonly used language. Examples are Tamil over English or Basque over
    Spanish. It does not appear from the materials on
    http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/ that one could apply an English
    interface over a Dutch base system. A limited number of Language Interface
    Packs seem to be available, and I would assume that support is not good,
    compared to what it available for an English system.

    Nice try though.

    Earle Horton, May 8, 2008
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