Upgrade from Home Basic to Home Premium question.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by PhilBiker, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. PhilBiker

    PhilBiker Guest

    Hello. I have a new eMachines computer that I bought a few months ago. It
    was a floor model and did not come with a disc but I made a "restore" DVD.
    The Windows Vista Home Basic on it is legit. I bought 1 gig of RAM to add to
    the PC the day I bought it so I have 1.5 gig of RAM.

    Since I have enough RAM I'd like to upgrade to the Home Premium version of
    Vista, I like the Aero look and feel (though the non-Aero Vist is still very

    I qualify for academic pricing, therefore the "Home Premium" upgrade is less
    expensive to me than the "Anytime Upgrade" since I need to buy the "Anytime
    Upgrade" disc.

    Can the "Home Premium" academic version upgrade a "Home Basic" installation?
    PhilBiker, Sep 19, 2007
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  2. PhilBiker

    Marc Guest

    There are 2 types of upgrades you can do with Vista, Windows Anytime Upgrade
    and the other is an In-Place (from a full version or upgrade Package)
    Upgrade. I not sure what you mean when you say "Can the "Home Premium"
    academic version upgrade a "Home Basic" installation?"

    The other issue you have is Aero. Aero requires a Video card that is capable
    of handling DirectX 9 or higher and a minimum of 128MB of Graphic Memory
    (Shared or Dedicated) and has a WDDM Driver (Windows Display Driver Model)
    it a driver written for Vista. Most new Graphic cards are able to handles
    Marc, Sep 19, 2007
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  3. PhilBiker

    PhilBiker Guest

    My understanding is that the "In-Place" upgrade would be what I would want to
    do in my case.

    However, when reading the "Who Can Upgrade" documentation on Microsoft's web
    site regarding "Vista Home Premium", it only mentions Windows XP users as
    being eligible for the Home Premium upgrade. It does not mention Vista Home
    Basic users. I wonder if an "Upgrade" will work?

    I do not expect video to be a problem. I have an ATI Radeon X300 SE PCIE
    card with 128 mb RAM. The motherboard on-board Intel 950 gave me a better
    Aero readiness score!

    The reasons that this eMachine came with Home Basic were twofold (1) it only
    had 512MB RAM; I bought a gig RAM with the machine and installed it before
    even booting. (2) save licensing costs for a low-cost PC. However, since
    I'm a student my licensing costs are low!

    Thanks for reading!
    PhilBiker, Sep 19, 2007
  4. PhilBiker

    Marc Guest

    In-Place Upgrade are usually done by large organizations, as for your
    options, I would recommend the windows Anytime Upgrade as the In Place would
    take time and you need to buy the full version,

    You should not have any issue with your Video card as it does meet all
    requirements for Aero.
    Marc, Sep 19, 2007
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