Upgrade from Vista Business to Vista Ultimate DELETES User Directo

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Ralf Ziller, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. Ralf Ziller

    Ralf Ziller Guest

    I did an upgrade from Vista Business to Vista Ultimate using a Full installer
    CD. I chose the option to upgrade and KEEP all programs and documents.
    The install ended with all programs still there but it completely deleted
    the userfolder for the currently logged in user and replaced it with a fresh
    user folder named username.000. All other user files are still there
    everything that was saved on disc is still there except this one User
    directory (which had all the files that count).
    And I thought the worse case for this upgrade was Vista not booting
    (although I thought that highly impropable because it's an upgrade to more
    features and not another OS). I would have never thought about Vista
    shredding my files. Now I have to go back to an old backup because the recent
    backups didn't even work.
    I am really quite pissed with MS and wished I never made the decission to
    develop on this platform. If only I'd taken the opportunity to program
    numerical models in Fortran 2 years ago...
    Why does Vista maliciously delete user files? MS really should force a
    backup prior to any upgrade. So that users naively thinking such a thing
    cannot happen can't be so stupid.

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    Ralf Ziller, Jul 16, 2008
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  2. Ralf Ziller

    Rick Rogers Guest

    Hi Ralf,

    That's (obviously) not normal. In an upgrade scenario the user account
    should be preserved. Just speculation, but for the upgrade to have replaced
    a user account with a fresh one, it must have detected some amount of
    corruption in ntuser.dat that prevented importing it into the new
    installation (Vista does not simply overwrite files during this process as
    was done in previous versions of Windows, it creates a new install and
    imports files, settings, etc from the old install).
    Rick Rogers, Jul 16, 2008
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  3. Ralf Ziller

    Ralf Ziller Guest

    Hello Rick,

    after spending the whole morning removing the harddisc, putting it into
    another machine and hunting for deleted files with a recovery tool I found
    out by accident that Windows creates a folder named $inplace.~tr where it
    puts all files it decided to discard during an update. So if anyone else ever
    runs into a problem like that this is the place to look for your files. It's
    propably created during the process you describe.
    Would have been nice if the guy from MS support could have told me about
    that this morning.
    But right now I am more relieved about finding those files than be angry
    about the unnecessary work (which admitedly is a big part my own fault).
    Ralf Ziller, Jul 16, 2008
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