Upgrade from Vista Home Basic to Home Premium

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by subrajit, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. subrajit

    subrajit Guest

    I bought a compaq laptop in India and it came with Vista Home Basic. Since
    I need to develop web applications which need IIS connectivity, so I was
    planning to upgrade to the vista home premium version. I am currently in the
    US right now. Can I go for a upgrade out here even if I had bought my system
    in India? If not what is the procedure I need to follow.
    Besides on clicking on the upgrade button in my control panel, I was asked
    to insert a CD during upgradation, which was supposed to come with the
    purchase. But i dont remember having any such upgrade CD. Can you tell me
    what needs to be done now.

    subrajit, Sep 20, 2007
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  2. subrajit

    PhilBiker Guest

    The CD/DVD it is asking for is the "Anytime Upgrade" disc. Most windows
    Vista version DVDs are "Anytime Upgrade", meaning they have the entire OS,
    but only the parts of it which belong in your version are "activated".
    Theoretically you can "Anytime Upgrade" and only have to download a key code,
    the isntall would work from your original disc. In many cases like yours
    (and mine) you need to actually buy an "Anytime Upgrade" disc.

    I don't know about your country situation. Hope this helps.
    PhilBiker, Sep 20, 2007
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  3. subrajit

    Kathryn Guest

    The anytime upgrade disk should have come with your pc when you purchased it,
    that was kind of standard procedure for all oem's so you may have gotten it,
    but don't remember because you didn't have to use it to install vista, if by
    chance you didn't you should be able to get one for free from the oem simply
    by calling and asking for one. As for the Country situation, I would suggest
    that you do purchase the upgrade license while you are in the US because
    Microsoft will not let you run the upgrade from outside the US, I ran into
    this problem as well after I purchased my laptop with vista home basic and
    wanted to upgrade to home premium(I live in Mexico) and you will get an error
    saying that the upgrade is not available in your Country. I was finally able
    to do it using my oem's(Acer) website (thank God for that) but my advice to
    you would be to purchase the license while you are here, then you can install
    it anytime that you want to, just save the license on your pc or a flash
    drive and also save it in your digital locker and that way it will never be
    lost and as long as you have it you can install the upgrade anytime anywhere.
    If you know someone in the US(a business assoc. or friend) who has vista you
    could ask them to borrow their upgrade disk to install, but you should
    deffinently look into getting your own because if something happens and you
    need to re-install vista you will need the disk.
    Kathryn, Sep 20, 2007
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