Upgrade Path From XP MCE - Symantec IS2007 Aspects

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Bob H, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. Bob H

    Bob H Guest

    I'm looking for some advice please about the upgrade path for Symantec
    Internet Security 2007.

    I've ordered a new PC - which will initially come with MS XP Media Centre
    Edition, but includes a free update to MS Vista which I will probably
    receive and install in early February. I ordered Norton IS2007 with the
    computer, and understand that this comes with a free upgrade voucher as

    The question is, what should I do between now and February re the Norton IS
    product. Specifically:

    a. If I install it immediately, should I delete it before attempting to
    install the Vista update. Presume that I should, if its not compatible as
    supplied with Vista - but request confirmation.

    b. How will the Norton upgrade process work. I don't see a problem if it
    comes in the form of an updated CD that I have to order, but if its an
    on-line software update how will I install the original version into Vista
    to allow this to take place?

    c. Will the copyright protection/activation process allow me to install it a
    second time in February?

    Thanks in advance - would welcome any advice you can offer.

    Bob Huntley,
    Bob H, Dec 9, 2006
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  2. Bob H

    Rick Rogers Guest

    Hi Bob,

    Uninstall Norton's before upgrading, it is not yet compatible with Vista,
    though they are working on it. Do not, I repeat, do not upgrade with it
    installed or active. As to how you will get the upgrade installed after the
    fact, you will need to get solid answers from Symantec, and I can tell you
    that at the moment they do not have these answers.

    Best of Luck,

    Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP
    Windows help - www.rickrogers.org
    Rick Rogers, Dec 10, 2006
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  3. I think you are optimistic about how quickly you will receive the Vista
    upgrade. March or April is probably more likely than February.

    I suspect that the largest consensus will be that the best thing to do
    with Norton IS is to place it into the trash can. Seriously, I would
    not install it. It's not highly regarded and probably isn't necessary.
    You do need some Antivirus software (Norton is a viable candidate, but
    other products, including Kasperksy and Grisoft AVG (free) are better
    regarded), and Windows Defender and perhaps another anti-spyware product
    (Spy Sweeper is generally a more highly regarded product than most
    others). And you should operate behind a hardware router that does NAT,
    even if you are not sharing an internet connection.
    Barry Watzman, Dec 12, 2006
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