Upgrade to Windows 2003 & Exchange 2003 from Windows 2k & Exchange

Discussion in 'Server Setup' started by Drew Forscutt, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Hi Everyone

    I have a multi-site domain, each site with its own domain
    controller/exchange server. I am conducting an in place (as in on the same
    hardware) upgrade to Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003 from Windows 2000 and
    Exchange 200. After perusing all the relevant documentation I come up with
    the following upgrade path for each server (starting with the main server
    which also holds all the FSMO's etc).

    1. Ensure server meets minimum requirements (hardware and software) for
    both upgrades.
    2. Run Exchange 2003 Forest Prep & Wait for A/D to synchornise
    3. Run Exchange 2003 Domain Prep & Wait for A/D to synchornise
    4. Install Exchange 2003
    5. Install Exchange 2003 SP1
    6. Run Windows 2003 SP1 Adprep Forest Prep & Wait for A/D to synchronise
    7. Run Windows 2003 SP1 Adprep Domain Prep & Wait for A/D to synchronise
    8. Run Windows 2003 SP1 Adprep Domain Prep with gpprep & Wait for A/D to
    9. Upgrade to Windows 2003 SP1

    After completing this on the first server I would then perform steps 4, 5 &
    9 on each subsequent server. The procedure sounds good and matches all
    documentation I have found, so I started the upgrade process with the first

    After completing steps 1-8 (but before 9) I started receiving the following
    NDR's for any user on the server upgraded to Exchange 2003 when they
    attempted to send messages to any user on an Exchange 2000 server, both
    servers at this point are still running Windows 2000. Users on the Exchange
    2000 server can still send messages to users on the Exchange 2003 server.

    "There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipient's email server.
    Please contact your system administrator.
    <SERVERNAME #5.5.0 smtp;550 Requested action not taken: NUL characters are
    not allowed.> " (I have edited out the server name).

    I initially assumed that this was some kind of language or message body
    formatting issue and I have:

    1. Made sure that both Windows and Exchange have the same input locales
    installed (English-Australia & English-US in this case).
    2. Ensured that all code translation tables/pages are installed (they are)
    3. Changed the character set under the internet message format ion global
    setting from Western Europe (the default setting) to US-ASCII (as I had found
    an obscure reference on google about the Western Europe character set
    occasionally changing specific character sequences to NULL characters).

    This however changed nothing.

    I have temporarily resolved the issue by rolling back to the backup of the
    system state prior to the adprep commands being run (steps 6-8), but this is
    obviously not an optimum solution as it means I can not upgrade any of the
    servers to Windows 2003.

    Has anyone run across this problem, and got a solution for it.

    Kind Regards

    Drew Forscutt
    Drew Forscutt, Aug 30, 2005
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