Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by its_my_dime, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. its_my_dime

    its_my_dime Guest


    I'm posting this to add to the Microsoft data base and with the wish that
    the experts keep it in the back of their mind should similar issues arise
    with another user.

    My "Vista Ready" Sony Vaio, bought at the end of 2006, came with Windows XP
    Professional installed but with an upgrade disk to Vista Business that
    followed a few months later.

    Having recently bought desktops with Vista, I decided finally to upgrade the

    The upgrade was an extremely difficult, frustrating and time consuming
    process. Essentially the user is on his own. Sony's warranty people won't
    help because the computer was bought more than a year ago; the extended
    warranty people won't deal with software issues.

    Based on experience, before the upgrade, I highly recommend the following:

    · Buy a 1 GB quality generic memory chip to replace one of the two x
    1/2 GB chips in the computer. Should cost in the $25 range. Follow the
    installation instructions in the Vaio manual. Restart the computer to
    insure that the memory is recognized. Vista will theoretically run on the
    existing 1 GB of memory but the extra 1/2 GB significantly speeds up the

    · Back up all data files and program downloads, and locate all
    program disks. While the upgrade should maintain existing data and
    programs, some may get lost or corrupted.

    · Download and run CCClean or a similar program, or use a Microsoft
    service to remove temporary files, cookies, clear the recycle bin and clean
    the registry.

    · CREATE A FULL SET OF RESTORE DISKS. Test the disks by loading disk
    1 and then turning off and restarting the computer. The Vista installation
    will replace the hard drive XP restore partition with a Vista partition so
    the only way to go back is with XP restore disks.

    · Uninstall UPHClean (if present). It is not compatible with Vista.

    · IMPORTANT: Search for both ZCfgSvc.exe and ifrmewrk.exe. Change
    the .exe to .xxx These files, which conflict with Vista, can usurp 100% of
    the processor and slow the installation of Vista and software to a crawl.
    Unfortunately, the upgrade disk left them active it took a lot of searching
    to isolate the problem.

    · Have another computer with web access standing by in case there are
    additional downloads or questions.

    · Since there will be a lot to download after the upgrade, it is
    useful to have a wired internet connection available.

    After the initial upgrade, go to the Microsoft site and download the several
    dozen upgrades to Vista and Defender.

    Then, set a restore point and run a registry cleaner. Mine removed almost
    2500 bad or useless entries. Also run a disk defrag program. Check the
    events viewer under Administrative tools and deal with the errors that may

    Install an antivirus program. The one on the Vista disk is past its renewal

    After all of this was completed, I decided that, based on experience with
    other computers, Vista just wasn't working to full efficiency on the Vaio
    and I couldn't improve it. It was slow and would sometimes hang. There were
    numerous and differing events errors. I suspect there were legacies from XP
    still left on the hard drive. Perhaps if Sony had provided for a clean
    install, the process might have worked better.

    So I reinstalled XP.

    That, of course, took may hours and had its own issues. The hard disk is
    wiped clean so everything has to be reinstalled. Sony has an amazing amount
    of bloatware that needs to be removed after installation. There are the
    many downloads from the Microsoft web site; programs to reinstall; settings
    to input; data to move back.

    Therefore, I do NOT recommend this upgrade, and nobody without strong
    computer experience with XP AND Vista (and a lot of patience) should, in my
    opinion, even try.

    I spoke with Sony customer service whose response was: Sorry you had a
    problem; Microsoft said the computer was Vista ready; we are not responsible
    for the upgrade process.

    The Vaio was actually fine with XP Professional. It is even better now with
    the extra memory.

    FINAL RECOMMENDATION: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    its_my_dime, Oct 10, 2008
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  2. its_my_dime

    joel406 Guest

    Your problem(as you should have realised) is that you used a Son
    version of Vista. Just like you said About your XP reinstall. Tons o
    bloat ware. Vista does not run well with this garbage in the works

    You should have done a clean install with a regular Vista DVD. No Son
    crap involved and simply installed the apps you needed after

    Now you have wasted roughly 2 days of your time foolishly and have
    serious misconception of how well Vista really is

    Just last Christmas a client of mine bought 2 Sony laptops with Vist
    HP on both. He did'nt even open the boxes, he brought them straight t

    I dumped them and reinstalled Vista with a retail Vista DVD.

    He only has a gig of RAM in each

    His lappies run great

    If you do the job right, you have better results
    joel406, Oct 11, 2008
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  3. its_my_dime

    SIW2 Guest

    Hi Joel

    Agree entirely - much better to install from MS dvd

    Did the laptop product keys activate ok after using them with a retai
    dvd? There have been one or two postings to say you need to use OEM dv
    with OEM product key


    SIW2, Oct 11, 2008
  4. its_my_dime

    joel406 Guest

    Of course they worked.

    They are genuine product keys. They are OEM keys and therfore require a
    phone activation, but so what?!

    I even upgraded and installed Vista on a Acer 5050. x64 version to.

    No manufacture crap and they even run great.
    joel406, Oct 11, 2008
  5. its_my_dime

    its_my_dime Guest

    1) In addition to the apps which are easy, there is the issue of drivers.
    The Sony disk installed them automatically. Alternatively, I believe they
    could be downloaded from the web but I'm not sure how to install them.

    2) The processor is only a 1.20 GHz which is why the extra memory is so

    3) I like Vista. It has some really good features. I have it on my
    desktops. There is a learning curve but I've been climbing that since my
    Apple II with 128K of memory (extra 64K card) and only capital letters!

    4) Would you believe parts of 4 days.
    its_my_dime, Oct 11, 2008
  6. its_my_dime

    SIW2 Guest

    Hi joel

    Not suggesting they aren't genuine. Like I said in there have bee
    posts claiming a retail OEM disk is needed with an OEM product key an
    a Retail disk is needed with a Retail product key. It's good to know yo
    can use any MS dvd and don't need to hunt for one of those "retail" OE
    disks. I suspected that was the case, but haven't been able to try it a
    I don't have an OEM key and a Retail disk to try it on

    Thanks for confirming tha

    SIW2, Oct 11, 2008
  7. its_my_dime

    joel406 Guest

    SIW2 I'm sorry if I worded that like that I did'nt think that as
    posted it

    But your right some people have confusion when it comes to produc
    keys. If its legit key, no matter what the source, it "will" work

    And to the guy with just a dime to his name. Drivers are easil
    avalible seperatly online. You have no idea how to install drivers? Man
    I'm not sure how to respond to that other then this


    You lack of fundamental computer skills is scary. What are you 12?
    joel406, Oct 11, 2008
  8. You keep using "OEM". Realize that's a system-builder version and not
    a BRANDED OEM product that comes bundled with a brand-name computer.
    Paul Montgomery, Oct 11, 2008
  9. its_my_dime

    its_my_dime Guest

    I misspoke.

    Yes, I know how to install drivers...but I'm not sure about several dozen of
    them and in what order when starting with nothing. That has always been
    done for me by installation disks.

    There is a huge file on the Sony site with what I believe are all the
    original drivers for the computer. My assumption is that the computer can
    run on Microsoft drivers sufficient to download the file with a wired
    connection and click on it. What happens then is anybody's guess.
    its_my_dime, Oct 11, 2008
  10. its_my_dime

    Mick Murphy Guest

    "Then, set a restore point and run a registry cleaner"

    This jumps out at you as a glaring ERROR.
    What do you want to run a Registry cleaner for?
    You just finish an upgrade, so you want to screw it up, lol.
    Mick Murphy, Oct 11, 2008
  11. its_my_dime

    its_my_dime Guest


    Mad Mike - this was done at the end after the REMOVAL of the bloatware
    (verious offerings) , the automatically installed programs I was replacing
    (Microsoft Office Trial, old version of Quicken, expired Antivirus) and
    many Sony features I don't need (Sonic Stage, entertainment stuff,
    fingerprint software, etc.) They were left behind by Add-Remove software.
    I cannot believe that the computer doesn't perform faster without 2,500
    useless registry lines removed and the registry compacted.
    its_my_dime, Oct 11, 2008
  12. its_my_dime

    Peter Foldes Guest

    Registry Tools are snake oil remedies. It does NOTHING aside from removing entries that were not supposed to be removed and cause more grief from some programs being disabled to not being able to boot.

    Do NOT use any Registry Cleaning Tools. If you do not know what it is removing then you have no business using one.
    Peter Foldes, Oct 11, 2008
  13. its_my_dime

    Not Even Me Guest

    I have yet to see a reg cleaner that actually does any good unless you have
    a defective install anyway.
    But I have fixed many machines that have been made unbootable by them.
    I wouldn't 'compact' my registry any more than I would compress a HDD to
    save space anymore.
    Unless you're short on disk space (with the new cheap and huge HDDS, why
    would you be??) a compressed (compacted) volume is actually slower than an
    uncompressed one.
    Orphaned entries basically do nothing.
    Unless you are trying to run the associated program, they just sit there
    (like the blank spaces around the print on the pages of books)
    Does clipping off the margins help you read faster?
    Not Even Me, Oct 12, 2008
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