Upgrading Vista Home Premium to Ultimate, Dutch to English?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Amsterdamned, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Amsterdamned

    Amsterdamned Guest

    I currently have Vista HP which came preinstalled but its only in Dutch. I
    was advised to upgrade to Ultimate but if I buy the Dutch version, can i
    change it to English?? Also, if I buy the English version, is it compatible
    with the HP Dutch version I have preinstalled?? I have no disk for the HP
    version currently running...
    Amsterdamned, Feb 28, 2008
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  2. Amsterdamned

    Vern Linard Guest

    If you buy the ultimate DUTCH version, you will be able to download the
    english language pack MUI from windows update and change your language
    interface to english, YES.

    Now if you want to buy an upgrade in ENGLISH version, its for sure that you
    will not be able to UPGRADE your already existing installation.
    Im not sure if you will be able to do a CLEAN install though.. this means
    that all the data will be erased and a new fresh install of Vista will be

    Perhaps someone else here can clarify this.

    I always suggest to people in non english speaking countries to get the
    ENGLISH version
    of ultimate and then chose whatever language they want to install as a
    language pack.
    But this advice of course applies for first time buyers, not to you since
    you already have the Dutch version.
    Vern Linard, Feb 28, 2008
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  3. Windows Vista Ultimate edition does allow the user to change languages, so
    yes that's possible. However, you cannot buy an English version and install
    it over a Dutch install - it will fail. You would need to upgrade Dutch to
    Dutch and then change the language afterwards.
    Richard G. Harper, Feb 28, 2008
  4. Amsterdamned

    Vern Linard Guest

    can he start the install from his dutch vista, with an upgrade english
    upgrade disk and select to do a clean install of vista ?

    Vern Linard, Feb 28, 2008
  5. Amsterdamned

    Samsi Guest


    I have found a way to upgrade a Dutch version of Windows Vista Hom
    Premium to a fully working Ultimate in English. But it will take som
    If you want to avoid spending 300 Euro do as follows:

    1. Make a new partition next to your Dutch OS which is probably C/:
    and constituting at least 40 GB.
    2. Download a Dell Version of the English Vista Ultimate that i
    pre-cracked, needs no serial #, pre-activated and Microsoft Validated
    There are plenty of websites where you can download such a version fro
    (like phazeDDl.com). It is 2.6 GB split up into 26 RapidShare files o
    each 100 MB you have to download and then join together with WinRAR.
    3. Install this version to your new partition now having a dual boot.
    4. Open Vista Ultimate EN and open Windows Update.
    5. Select -optional -updates where you will fiind all Language Pack
    that are only available in _Ultimate_. Download and install the Dutc
    Language Pack (150 MB - takes a while).
    6. The Dutch Language Pack will be installed in the Windows folder. Th
    folder is called nl-NL.
    7. Upgrade your Dutch Vista Home Premium now with the installer o
    Ultimate which is now in Dutch and English. Dutch Premium will no
    accept the upgrade.
    8. Reboot either in Dutch or English - your choice.
    9. In English you can now install SP1: that is not available in Dutc

    Good luck. Should there be any problems or questions you can write me

    Ek is 'n Afrikaner wat nou in Belgie lewe, maar ek kan ook so'n bietji
    Nederlands skrywe. Ek woon nie so ver van Antwerpen nie. Dis i
    s'-Gravenwezel soos hulle noem hier, eg 'n kleine dorpjie. Afrikaans i
    nie so moeilik om te begry nie, dus kan jy ook in Nederlands antwoord
    Ons spreek verskillende tale: lik Afrikaans, so'n bietjie ou Nederland
    (hulle noem dat in hierdie landjie "Vlaams"). En natuurlik ook English.

    Best wishes,
    Samsi Semoy
    Samsi, May 20, 2008
  6. Amsterdamned

    Andreas J Guest

    I also have windows vista home premium (dutch version) and I want t
    have windows vista ultimate (english version) is it not posibble to mak
    a clean new install of windows or do I really need to buy the ultimat
    in the dutch version and then select the english language afterwards ?

    One last thing, if I buy the dutch vista ultimate, does the englis
    language pack come with it or do I need to download it ?

    Would anyone here know something about this ?

    Thanks, I would be grateful for any response.

    Andreas J, Oct 3, 2008
  7. Amsterdamned

    Samsi Guest

    Andreas J,

    You don't need to buy -anything-. The English version of VISTA Ultimate
    is available split into 100 MB sections from RapidShare with SP1
    I have to check the latest download files though. They usually
    disappear after a few weeks, so you have to be fast.
    Give me a few days because I am moving and I am very busy.

    You have to reply because I don't recall which Forum this is. By that
    time I will provide you the download links.

    Best regards,

    Samsi, Oct 3, 2008
  8. Amsterdamned

    It's Only Me Guest

    And you're a complete tosspot. Get off your backside, get a job, a life and
    then go out and buy Vista. Rapidshare. LOL, probably full of spyware,
    viruses and the rest......... enjoy your machine controlled by outsiders,
    It's Only Me, Oct 3, 2008
  9. Amsterdamned

    Samsi Guest

    Andreas J:

    Open this link to get a richly illustrated manual with RapidShare
    download links for VISTA Ultimate with SP1 and OFFICE 2007 with SP1:


    No activation or serial needed. You may be asked to register on ForumW
    first: that is instantly and for free.
    In case you would like to start downloading at once, here are working






































    When you got the files trough, RAR them together into a DVD .iso that
    you can burn or mount, and then install.

    Now enjoy!
    Samsi, Oct 4, 2008
  10. Amsterdamned

    p0 Guest

    If you have the Dutch ultimate version, you will have to download the
    language pack to switch it to English. Language packs are available
    through Windows update. The language pack for English is around 250MB
    if I remember well.

    p0, Oct 4, 2008
  11. Amsterdamned

    Samsi Guest

    The downloads I provided are for the English versions of VISTA Ultimat
    and Office 2007.
    The Dutch language pack for VISTA Ultimate is available as a fre
    There is a so called Proof set for Office with over 50 languages, bu
    is not for free. I can provide the links to a free Version though.
    But I'm getting tired of this conversation. No one ever said thanks, s
    go ahead with your stuff. I'm closing this topic off
    Samsi, Oct 4, 2008
  12. Amsterdamned

    Andreas J Guest

    Hello Samsi,

    I didnt mean to disrespect you by not saying thanks, I just returne
    from a small holiday, so I can only reply you now, again sorry, I mean
    NO disrespect !

    By the way the way, the english language pack will not install, i
    comes up with an ' uknown error' have you heard of this before, or d
    you maybe have any solution ? (I can install any other lang. pack jus
    not english)

    best rgds

    Andreas J, Oct 6, 2008
  13. Amsterdamned

    Samsi Guest

    Andreas J,

    no offense taken, I rather meant the others.
    I understood you had a Dutch VISTA Premium and you wanted an Englis
    Ultimate. The links I provided are for a fully working English Ultimat
    version. I hope you didn't spent your €€€€ to a -Dutch- Ultimate in th
    _You_cannot_change_that_version_into_an_English_version_! *Only *th
    English version can be changed into some 50 other languages.
    This one is for free and also includes a working English version o
    Office 2007
    Samsi, Oct 6, 2008
  14. Amsterdamned

    Andreas J Guest

    Hi Samsi,

    Ok thanks, I got ya, problem is that the guy I am helping already wen
    out and bought the win vista ultimate dutch version now :-(
    Anyway, I tried downloading the english language pack, this on
    downloads and instslls ok, but windows will not not give me the optio
    in language settings to change it to english BUT I then downloaded th
    danish language pack, and that also downloads and installs just fine an
    it shows up in the language settings AND I successfully changed window
    to danish so that one works, now you are saying that out of all th
    language packs the only one that doesnt work is english ??? MS keep
    baffling me with their sh*t :-
    Andreas J, Oct 7, 2008
  15. Amsterdamned

    Samsi Guest

    Andreas J:
    Then I suppose you are Dutch, Danish or Flemish (Belgium)?
    You're still welcome to download the links for the English Languag
    Version I provided. Then you WILL have an English Version, fully workin
    with SP1 pre-installed and also you will have Office 2007 with SP
    The Dutch version is in fact an English Version that has bee
    Therefore you cannot return to the original English Version - Microsof
    is American.
    Suppose you purchase a Portuguese Version. You can then download
    number of languages and convert, but NOT the English Version, becaus
    that is the "mother" die! It only works one way
    Samsi, Oct 7, 2008
  16. Amsterdamned

    Andreas J Guest

    Hey Samsi, ok thanks for clarifying all of this for me, I really
    appriciate your help. I will take your download files,yes I am danish,
    but I do prefer english windows. Now as usual i have just a couple of
    questions, please forgive me if you already have explained this on
    earlier blogs ! Do I need some sort of key ? also can i just upgrade my
    dutch windows or do I need to make a clean install ?

    Thanks for your time and effort in helping me.

    Andreas J, Oct 7, 2008
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