USB CDC native driver WHQL issue with Windows7 ( x64 and x86) ?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by ben, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. ben

    ben Guest

    Dear Community, Microsoft support,

    I'm in a process to prepare a certification and WHQL testing of one of our
    devices having USB CDC Serial device for Windows7 ( x86 and x64) to be seen
    as a PDA using a USB Full speed peripheral. I have used this valuable
    Support case : to
    implement one single INF installation file that is enumerating and operating
    well with :
    1) Windows 2000
    2) Windows XP ( x64 and x86)
    3) Vista ( x64 and x86)
    4) Winodws 7 ( x64 and x86)

    At this step, I was very happy, However When I moved to DTM1.4 testing for
    unclassified Catagory to have CPK package before submitting to Winqual and
    WHQL, I'm the below Failures with the Windows7 ( I haven't yet made the test
    with Vista) :

    ID 1702 : Device Install Check for Other Device Stability
    ID 1703 : Device Install Check for System File Consistency
    ID 1580 : Reinstall With IO

    All other tests passed Succesfully.

    I'm wondering if you have seen similar issues, and I would appreciate you
    help or some pointers on how to solve it. Thank you a lot in advance for
    your help.


    ben, Nov 4, 2009
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