User Account Control (Internet Protected Mode)

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by brelade, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. brelade

    brelade Guest

    I am currently experiencing problems with viewing site with Adobe Flasher
    player active X etc, temporary programs can not download.

    In order to view these sites i have deactivated User Account Control (UAC)
    which controls programs accessing my computer.

    My concern is, am i leaving myself open for malicious software / spyware to
    access my computer (Do i need to have UAC on at all times)

    In the bottom menu bar it states Internet protected mode: off.

    Many Thanks for some advice on this matter.
    brelade, Jul 27, 2007
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  2. brelade

    Ian Betts Guest

    User account control is so only the administrator can change thing on the
    computer not other people using it. That has nothing to do with outside
    attacks which need a good virus protector and firewall. My UAC is turned off
    because only I use it.
    Ian Betts, Jul 27, 2007
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  3. brelade

    XS11E Guest

    When I first installed Vista I turned it off until I'd installed all
    the needed software and then turned it back on so I could install Adobe
    reader. It's very seldom bothered me since, FWIW.
    XS11E, Jul 27, 2007
  4. UAC blocks users AND programs from making system changes and/or
    accessing/modifying system files/folders.

    With UAC off, if some bit of malware tries to install itself, you will have
    no warning, or option to stop, some unknown/unwanted program from doing
    whatever it wants if your anti-virus/anti-spy ware software misses it.

    This is actually the part of UAC that is superior to just using
    anti-virus/anti-spy ware software . . . it doesn't discriminate against
    anything, it stops everything that wants to make system changes and asks
    you, the user if it's okay to continue. If you're unsure, simply play it
    safe and say 'no' until you are sure, and if you are sure, one simple click
    and everything continues as you want it to.

    True, anti-virus and anti-spy ware software are a must, they just part of
    what should be a many layered approach to security.

    Michael Palumbo, Jul 27, 2007

  5. UAC does more than that.

    Synapse Syndrome, Jul 27, 2007
  6. brelade

    brelade Guest

    Many thanks for your reply, i was concerned about unauthorised access to my
    I shall leave it off.

    With Vista are you experiencing any problems with adode Flash player site,
    (Reason for turning it off) i can not view any site with flash embeded on
    them with it on.
    Cheers many thanks
    brelade, Jul 27, 2007
  7. brelade

    brelade Guest

    Michael, Synapse Syndrome.

    Didn't see your Replies, NOW STARTING TO THINK about this!!!!!

    With UAC on, i cannot view any site with flash etc, even this site, the main
    reading paine is blank unless i deactivate UAC.

    What is the way forward, I cant even download Flash Player at present, each
    site ask's me to download it each time, then i must restart my computer each

    Is there away round this problem with flash.
    brelade, Jul 27, 2007
  8. Adam Albright, Jul 27, 2007
  9. brelade

    Frank Guest

    Frank, Jul 27, 2007
  10. Brelade

    UAC should not interfere with flash on websites? The only time UAC comes
    into play is when a program starts and tries to access restricted areas,
    such as Program Files, the Windows folder or the areas of the registry where
    the global settings are kept on your computer and then it asks you to give
    permission for that program.

    It's not a good idea to turn UAC off because this also disables the
    Protected Mode in Internet Explorer. It also disables the Vista File
    Virtualization and can create some compatibility issues.
    Ronnie Vernon MVP, Jul 28, 2007
  11. Many people have had troubles with the Flash plug-in when using Vista.

    Go to the Adobe web site and search for the Flash un-installer. Run it,
    close IE (I also suggest restarting the computer) after the un-install of
    Flash then go to the site again and re-install it. This USUALLY will fix
    the problem. Simply re-installing without un-installing doesn't solve the
    problem mainly because the installer simply leaves everything that's already
    there in place . . so it stays broken.

    Good luck and keep us posted, if this doesn't work we'll have to find
    another solution to try . . .


    By the way, open Windows Mail, you can access these newsgroups from there
    instead of the web site. Windows Mail is already configured for the
    news-server, you just have to pick the groups you want to show up in the
    Michael Palumbo, Jul 28, 2007
  12. brelade

    brelade Guest

    No joy with uninstall.

    To explain what is going on, i cannot view any sites with flash, when i try
    to download again, UAC ask's me to accept site,"YES" then straight away in
    the bottom menu bar it say's done, No download bar appears etc.
    With UAC off my computer is normal i can view every site ok.

    I have tried to download with UAC temporarly off, but it goes in to download
    mode and still after an hour it's still trying to download.

    Even with this site, inoreder to view threads, i have to click on the double
    click on the replies then open a new window, nothing appears in the right
    reading pane.

    Something is stopping me downloading, my anti virus etc is set at default,
    all this has only happened in the laste few days, all that i have done is
    download the latest Vista updates.

    Many thanks for any help or advice with this
    brelade, Jul 28, 2007
  13. brelade

    brelade Guest

    All is working fine in Firefox, but not IE
    brelade, Jul 28, 2007
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