User Profile/User Account Migration (i.e. New Client Computer Purchased for Existing Domain User/Pro

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Tim Inglett, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Tim Inglett

    Tim Inglett Guest

    Hello all,
    Would someone please provide a Step-by-Step How-To for transferring user
    profiles/accounts after a new client computer has been purchased (i.e. I
    have purchased a new workstation and want to join the domain with new
    machine, but do not know how to handle the user account and/or user profile
    issues). My main concerns are inappropriately duplicating user accounts (or
    having to purposely rename the new account something else (incorrectly) to
    prevent this), not having my old settings transfer (such as shared drives,
    permissions, policies, internet favorites, e-mail settings, etc), and/or
    missing some other unforeseen issue I have not thought of (like a security

    I'm asking now because the new workstation is just out of the box, and I
    don't want to goof it up and have to start over later.

    Here's what I have:

    Old Client being replaced: Windows 2000 Professional, Local Profile (not
    New Client Computer: Windows XP Professional, *New Local Profile (not
    roaming) (have logged in locally to set basic parameters, AV, and

    Your help is greatly appreciated, as I have not dealt with migrations in the
    Tim Inglett, Jul 28, 2006
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