Using 'Away mode' with 'Standby mode' (S3)

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by GStr, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. GStr

    GStr Guest

    I've got MCE 2005 with RU2 with Away Mode available.

    When I enable it from Control Panel it works fine for me. I can turn on/off
    my monitor and audio, system idles just as expected.

    When I disable it from Control Panel, the S3 mode works also well for me.
    Almost as expected, because I would like my system not to wake my PC's

    So, my idea was to enable Away Mode and set the S3 timer to about 20
    minutes. It should wake up from S3 (if in S3) to Away Mode, record the movie
    and then after specified timeout go to the S3 state.

    But I can not set it up. After configuring all power management settings
    everything works well as long as I do not enter the Away mode and wake up
    from it. Waking up from Away mode resets all my power management settings.

    Settings after waking up from away are always the same:

    1. Ask for password when waking up from standby;
    2. Timer for standby = never;
    3. Timer for hibernate = never;
    4. Timer for HDD = never;
    5. Timer for monitor = 20 minutes;
    6. Power button action = shutdown;

    Is there any way to make my changes not overridden by MCE after returning
    from Away mode?

    Does anybody had the problems like this? I don't want my system to work in
    away mode sometimes for week or more, when I am not at home. I would like it
    to record my movies and go S3.
    GStr, Dec 16, 2006
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  2. GStr

    rsbrux Guest

    Why do you need away mode? Away mode and real standby are mutually
    incompatible. Just disable away mode, and everything should be fine.
    rsbrux, Dec 17, 2006
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