Using ie-6 and Gator, want to use ie-7 and Gator?

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Wally, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Wally

    Wally Guest

    I have used the purchased form of Gator for years=not spyware, etc. (I
    think!) but IE & thinks it is Spyware and I can not download use w/o it
    refusing access to Gator.
    Suggestions re. how to bypass-install IE 7 and also use Gator?
    Wally, Nov 22, 2007
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  2. Wally

    Don Varnau Guest

    Windows XP or Vista?

    Are you sure that Gator isn't being blocked by a security program- not
    Internet Explorer? What's the message that's displayed?

    What security programs are you running?

    [MS MVP- IE]
    Don Varnau, Nov 22, 2007
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  3. Wally

    Peter Foldes Guest

    Gator is a Security risk . It always was
    Peter Foldes, Nov 22, 2007
  4. Wally

    Wally Guest

    As I remember................some months ago I downloaded/installed IE 7 to
    replace IE 6. The security features if IE 7 would not let Gator run (maybe
    not even be accessed-just remember I had to restore C. to remove IE 7 if I
    wanted to use Gator.)

    Wally, Nov 22, 2007
  5. Wally

    Wally Guest

    In Add/remove programs I have 6.75MB of Gator ewallet and 6.75 MB of Gain.
    I think the ewallet is free of Spyware but the Gain is Claria and before
    they stopped supporting/selling/giving away different versions of ewallet the
    Claria program did tracking and if w/ the free edition it caused popup ads.
    A year or so ago they stopped supporting/selling/giving away and would only
    advise me how to completely remove all related programs, not how to continue
    I would like to use the password part of Gayor as it has 7 years of
    passwords/many sites of which I know none.
    Wally, Nov 22, 2007
  6. Wally

    Don Varnau Guest

    Don Varnau, Nov 22, 2007
  7. That said:
    Have you tried to export your Gator data(passwords) to a file with a .GAT
    file extension for viewing in Notepad?
    In Gator settings click "Export" in User Information section. When the "Save
    As" window appears, type in the name of your file. Save this file into a
    folder where you can easily find it, for instance, into "My Documents"
    folder or the "Desktop". You may at least be able to retrieve your fogotten
    password this way?

    Then I would follow their advise on "how to completely remove all related

    Good luck,

    Donald Anadell
    Donald Anadell, Nov 22, 2007
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