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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by Dgertis, Jun 9, 2009.

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    Jun 9, 2009
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    Hello All -

    My kids and I are beginning to experiment with multiple sessions of online gaming, specifically Warcraft, to allow us to play several of our characters simultaneously on one machine. Each Character has their own window and all can be arranged so all windows are visible. We are using a program called "keycloner" from to allow keystrokes to pass in a controlled fashion to any or all the windows simultaneously. In this manner we can control the movement and actions of all the characters from one initial set of actions without switching focus to all the individual windows. This allows one player to form their own groups and control each character rather than rely on soliciting other individuals for group quests and activities. This form of "multi-boxing" relies on one machine with multiple views on one monitor rather than multiple machines/hardware, etc..
    (see FAQ for Non-Multiboxers - Dual-Boxing Wiki for more info)

    There are some actions in the game that require the player to point the mouse to a location on the screen and then left or right click to initiate the action. So, for example, if I am running 3 characters simultaneously and my active window is on character #1, I can activate an action, move my mouse pointer to a location on his visible screen and then activate the action to occur at that location by left clicking. Meanwhile, although I have activated the action on the other two characters their mouse targeting and clicking will not occur until I gain focus of their windows and physically move/target with the mouse and then left click.

    My question is therefore, is there any software available that allows the positioning and clicking of mouse functionality across multiple windows to occur in the same relative position of each window without having to switch focus between windows. That is, to be able to point and click in one window and have that same action occur in the same relative x,y of each of the other windows?

    Any help or guidance would be appreciated :)
    Dgertis, Jun 9, 2009
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