Using Services for UNIX to map Windows computer account to UNIX us

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Jason Walker, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. Jason Walker

    Jason Walker Guest

    I need to be able to use User Name Mapping and Client for NFS to map my
    machine account to a UNIX account. I need Scheduled Tasks running in "NT
    AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" context to be able to write files to a UNIX NFS server.

    I *almost* have this working as I want. If I install "Gateway for NFS" and
    "User Name Mapping" on a Windows server named "WINSERVER1", mount a UNIX NFS
    filesystem and share as "testnfs", and add a user name mapping of
    "WINDOM\WINSERVER2$" to "NISDOM\unixuser1", it appears to work correctly. I
    can log in to WINSERVER2, and create a Scheduled Task to save files to
    \\WINSERVER1\testnfs. The files created on the NFS filesystem appear to have
    correct UID and GID for "unixuser1".

    However, it doesn't appear to work when the Windows system is the User
    Mapping Server for itself. In the above configuration, if I add a mapping
    for "WINDOM\WINSERVER1$", Scheduled Tasks on WINSERVER1 running as "NT
    AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" do not get mapped correctly. Instead the files are mapped
    using the anonymous account. I get this same behavior if I put "Client for
    NFS" and "User Name Mapping" on WINSERVER2.

    It appears that mapping computer accounts only work correctly if the Gateway
    for NFS and User Name Mapping are on a second Windows server, and not on the
    client that's actually trying to write files to NFS.

    Does anyone have a solution that would allow me to run Client for NFS and
    User Name Mapping on a single server, and map that server's computer account
    to a UNIX user?
    Jason Walker, Nov 17, 2006
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