Using Surecom Printserver.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Printing / Faxing / Scanning' started by Hans, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Hans

    Hans Guest

    I have 2 printers attached to a Surecom printserver. - A Brother HL 1430 and
    HP 5150
    The printserver is attached to a LinkSys router by cabel and so is my
    computer with Vista Ultimate.

    I have run the setup for the printserver but I cant get to installing the

    When I try to add new printer I only get the options Windows Update or have
    disc. and I have no Vista-disc for HP

    Getting a program from HP for the 5150 didn't help because it can't finf the
    printer on the printserver.
    The program can install the printer when attached directly to my computer
    but it doesn't appear in the printerpanel so I can't change the port.
    When I installed the Brother driver and assign the port nothing gets through
    (testprint fail)

    Please . can anyone help. ?

    Hans, Aug 14, 2007
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