Using the keyboard in [Background] mode

Discussion in 'Server Security' started by George Valkov, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. I made an interesting test:
    I started the DirectInput Keyboard Sample (DirectX SDK 2004) in
    [Nonexclusive][Background][Immediate] mode.
    Then I tried [Foreground][Exclusive] mode in another process, I tried
    password boxes and I tried with the Remote Desktop Client. I just cannot
    figure out a way to prevent those sample application from logging the
    keyboard input.

    Is there a way to do so? If there is, why isn't it implemented with password
    boxes, Remote Desktop Client and other applications that receive
    confidential data from the keyboard input?

    Is there a way to prevent applications from using the keyboard in
    [Background] mode?

    Thank You for any support!

    George Valkov
    George Valkov, Oct 29, 2004
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