Using Vista primarily on a TV

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by fox777_99, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. fox777_99

    fox777_99 Guest

    I have been using Windows XP on my 32inch Tv for quite a while now. I
    recently received the Vista Beta 2 release and the resolution on my TV ( I
    have two monitors, TV and 19inch CRT) is horrible. I mean you can't read
    anything and videos are rez cripled. The CRT is crisp and clear. It almost
    looks like the digital virbarance in XP is array with Vista. I have tried
    cleartype and antiaisling, but nothing helps. If anyone knows how to make
    Vista look like XP did on my tv would be great! My TV is my primary monitor.

    fox777_99, Jun 11, 2006
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