Using 'Volume Shadow Copy Task' to schedule Defrag

Discussion in 'Clustering' started by Corné Bogaarts, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. Does anybody have experience with scripting a 'Volume Shadow Copy
    Task'-resource. Using Cluster.exe you can make such a resource quite
    easily. However, it doesn't seem possible to make a schedule for such
    a task (one of the private options) using cluster.exe. According to
    the Help-file
    "This property cannot be specified using cluster.exe, but can be
    specified using Cluster Administrator or the Cluster APIs."

    Using 'cluster res <resource-name> /priv' one can read the schedule as
    the 'TriggerArray' private option. Yet, you can't write that option
    using Cluster.exe.

    Can someone explain to me if and how I can make a schedule using
    VBScript? Are these "Cluster API's" scriptable?
    If not, what other options would be available?

    I've been looking into the 'Cluster Automation Server', but haven't
    been able to find whether I can use this to set the specific private
    option that I'm after.

    We'll have to define over 300 of these resources, so any help would be
    highly appreciated.


    Corné Bogaarts, Feb 26, 2005
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