Discussion in 'Active Directory' started by BlueLotus, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. BlueLotus

    BlueLotus Guest

    I have installed USMT on a Network Share.
    Then copied MIGapp.inf , MIGism.inf, MIGuser.inf from
    The Bin folder and placed them out in the USMT folder.

    1St: Question do I need to add the usmtdef.inf file there also?

    2nd: After editing the files to only Stan and Load ( MS Office setting
    )and (Adobe Reader). I tested the config with no success.

    3rd: I need to have USMT pull User Accounts from an AD Group
    that has been created and holds 280 users. It should also configure the MS
    Outlook Client for each of them.

    4th: The company I work for uses a private application that fax’s cover
    sheets,With the name of the user that is logged into the work station.Each
    User has their own Desktops or Laptop. They are never sheared.
    I need USMT to be able to pull that config with the user profile.

    The Goal: To Load state it back to a (MS Terminal Server.)
    Windows 2K3
    BlueLotus, Oct 4, 2006
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