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Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Redd, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. Redd

    Redd Guest


    Has anybody had experience using one of the following -- or any other
    utility -- to resize their c: partition:

    PartitionExpert 2003 (from Acronis)
    Partition Manager (from Paragon)
    ExtPart or DiskPart (from Dell & MS, respectively)

    [Unfortunately, neither Partition Magic or Volume Manager from Symantec, nee
    PowerQuest, support SBS2003 at this time]

    We're running SBS 2003 on a Dell PowerEdge 2600 with hardware-controlled
    RAID-5 (Perc 4/Di RAID controller).

    The folks at Dell say their ExtPart utility will resize a basic system
    volume (we asked before we purchased), but the utility does not recognize
    our c: partition and Dell refuses to provide support for the utility because
    of the "liability risk" of data loss. Their support techs suggested trying
    3rd party partition management software like Volume Manager, a $500
    product -- a bit frustrating.

    Many thanks for your time,
    Redd, Jun 12, 2004
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  2. Hi Redd,

    I've used Ghost 2003 for this successfully - I haven't personally tried
    other products but there are alomst certainly others that will work.

    I ghosted the partitions to an external USB drive, rebuilt the raid with
    different sized partitions using raid bios utilities, and then brought the
    ghost images back. No issues.
    Les Connor [SBS MVP], Jun 12, 2004
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  3. Redd

    root Guest

    Acronis works.
    root, Jun 12, 2004
  4. Redd

    Mike R Guest

    Just make sure that if you use ghost you defrag your drive when done, also
    might want to uninstall ghost if you aren't using the enterprise version.
    Les, have you found that when using Ghost you end up with badly 'fragged
    Mike R, Jun 13, 2004
  5. No, I haven't found that. (but I've never checked). I would think that with
    a partition image, fragmentation would be the same after as it was prior. I
    don't know what effect restoring the image to a larger partion has, perhaps
    it does have an effect.

    Not to change the subject, but I've not ever defragged an SBS server, some
    have been in production for 4 years continuous.

    But I suppose it depends to some degree on how you partition. For example,
    all data on partion(s) other than OS, I would think fragmentation of the OS
    partition would be less of an isue.

    Les Connor [SBS MVP]
    SBS Rocks !

    Les Connor [SBS MVP], Jun 14, 2004
  6. Redd

    Mike R Guest

    I agree there (data on other partitions being less of an issue). I do defrag
    on sbs, probably just because I have always done it on workstations. It
    isn't usually REAL 'fragged but I've seen it up to 12% on the OS partition.
    You know, what's weird (off topic here for SBS) is that I've seen a variety
    of fragmentation stats when using ghost. It doesn't seem to vary between
    enterprise or desktop verison either and all volumes I clone are defragged
    before cloning. For us SOP is to defrag as soon as we get a system up and
    prep for shipping.

    Mike R, Jun 14, 2004
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