VB6 and VBA on Vista 64-bit Computer

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Ted Mercer, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. Ted Mercer

    Ted Mercer Guest

    I have just bought a Vista 64-bit computer after hearing that VB6
    applications would run on it. This I have found to be true but it is not
    true for VBA macros running within Excel

    Here is my experience to date: Stand alone VB6 application was OK.
    Existing Word files are OK. Existing Excel files (.xls) are OK, unless
    they contain VBA macros. In the latter case, attempting to open the file
    triggers an error message to the effect that "the VBA project in this file
    requires a component that is not currently installed. The file will be
    opened without the VBA project. For more information search Microsoft
    Office Online for "VBA Converters"". Stripping out the macros makes the
    file useless. Furthermore, I can find no applicable information online. Why
    did Microsoft not provide the component as an add-in or say how it can be

    My VB6 application calls an Excel spreadsheet (.xls, with VBA macros) to
    do calculations on data exported to it and to return the results. I have
    run all examples as administrator.

    Should someone know of a solution, I would very much appreciate hearing

    Ted Mercer
    Ted Mercer, Mar 11, 2009
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  2. Ted Mercer

    Guest Guest

    So, what is the control you are accessing in the macro? Is it something like
    the common dialog for an old file open dialog box?

    Controls like the common dialog used to be packaged together with Visual
    Studio 6 & the service packs for that product. One of these controls is what
    you're missing I guess because VB6 doesn't use the Framework therefore
    you're getting this error

    Need more info or the VBA source to be able to help you further
    Guest, Mar 12, 2009
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