VBScript: compress (zip) multiple files

Discussion in 'Scripting' started by Gentian, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. Gentian

    Gentian Guest

    Hello everyone,

    I need a vbscript file that compresses multiple files/folders into one zip
    file. ( I need to compress log files, since they take a lot of space).
    I do have some experience with VBScript

    Any help is deeply, deeply appreciated.
    Gentian, Nov 3, 2004
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  2. Hi

    I suggest you look into a zip tool with command line support.

    If you have WinZip 9.0:


    Some free programs:

    ZipGenius has a command line interface (freeware)

    PowerArchiver has a command line version as well:

    Last freeware version of PowerArchiver:
    Torgeir Bakken \(MVP\), Nov 3, 2004
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  3. Gentian

    Gentian Guest

    THank you,

    I will give it a try. Actually that's what I was thinking but I thought
    maybe was someother way.
    Gentian, Nov 3, 2004
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