Vertical Scrollbar missing in IE7 for MSDN pages.

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Chompers, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Chompers

    Chompers Guest

    When I view the MSDN reference pages using Internet Explorer 7 (version
    7.0.5730.11), I cannot see all the contents as there is no vertical scrollbar
    in the right hand frame. e.g.

    If I use Firefox, there is a vertial scrollbar and I can see all the content.

    I have the same problem in the CodePlex site.

    Any advise how I can resolve this problem (other than using Firefox as my
    main web browser).
    Chompers, Feb 27, 2008
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  2. Chompers wrote on Wed, 27 Feb 2008 06:57:00 -0800:

    Try running IE7 in "no add-ons" mode and see if that helps - I've just
    tested those sites in IE7 on XP SP2 and there is a scrollbar in the right
    hand frame on MSDN, and there are no frames in the Codeplex page (other than
    an empty iframe).
    Daniel Crichton, Feb 27, 2008
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  3. Chompers

    Chompers Guest

    Hi. I dissabled all my add-on's as suggested. However, I still get the same
    problem. I am the only one here that has the problem. I've tried
    re-installing IE7, but this does not cure the problem. It is very anoying as
    I use the MSDN reference site lots for work purposes. Any other suggestions?
    Chompers, Feb 27, 2008
  4. Chompers

    rob^_^ Guest

    Hi Chompers,

    I see the scrollbars too, np.

    The only other thing that I know that would stop scrollbars on ALL web pages
    would be a user stylesheet.

    Tools>Internet Options - General tab, Accessibility button, uncheck "Use
    User stylesheet" if one is selected.

    rob^_^, Feb 27, 2008
  5. Chompers

    rob^_^ Guest


    Yep. Setting the zoom level to greater than 100% reproduces the problem.

    Are you using IE7's zoom feature or a user stylesheet to set the zoom level?

    I will mark that one down.

    rob^_^, Feb 27, 2008
  6. Chompers

    Chompers Guest

    - I've run the "Reset" of all the IE settings.
    - Not got any Accessibilty features set.
    Still not joy. Any other suggestions?
    Chompers, Feb 27, 2008
  7. Chompers

    rob^_^ Guest

    I can reproduce the problem when I set the zoom value to greater than
    100%.... Only the top frame on the page scrolls when I move the (page, not
    frame) scroll bars.

    Is your zoom at 100%? (see my previous reply)

    rob^_^, Feb 27, 2008
  8. Set zoom to 100% (lower right corner)
    Frank Saunders MS-MVP IE,OE/WM, Feb 27, 2008
  9. Chompers

    Chompers Guest

    Yes, zoom is set to 100%. If I zoom out, I can see a bit more content of an
    MSDN page, but the scrollbar never reappears to enable me to see all the
    content. Any other suggestions I can try?
    Chompers, Feb 28, 2008
  10. Chompers wrote on Wed, 27 Feb 2008 08:26:04 -0800:
    Are you opening the site in IE7, or following a link from another site? If
    you are reusing a popup window that has had it scrollbars disabled then this
    is another way the scrollbars can not appear.

    What is your windows desktop display setting for screen DPI? Apparently in
    IE6 that could cause problems if set too high with the scrollbar
    disappearing, it might also do it in IE7.
    Daniel Crichton, Feb 28, 2008
  11. Chompers

    Chompers Guest

    Even if I access an MSDN reference page by typing the URL direclty into IE I
    get the problem (so no pop-up window is involved).

    I have tried tinkering with my display settings (my default setting are
    screen resolution = 1440x900, DPI = Normal Size (96 DPI)). No changes have
    resolved the problem.
    Chompers, Feb 28, 2008
  12. Chompers

    Ruben Guest


    I have exactly the same problem and it is very annoying indeed.

    Here is how it looks on my IE7 (Version 7.0.5730.11):

    As you can see, there are no vertical scrollbar to the right and the
    horizontal scrollbars for the tree control to the left is directly below the
    control and not on the bottom of the window as it is on a computer where it
    looks right. If the tree control is expanded so it grows below the screen,
    the scrollbars is still below the end of the tree control which is below the
    bottom of the window. It is just as if IE can't tell how large my window is.

    Ruben, Mar 1, 2008
  13. Interesting. I had to go to the page to verify that there should be a
    scroll bar (and there should).
    I have no idea what's causing that. Do you get the same thing if you start
    IE7 like this?
    iexplore.exe -extoff
    Frank Saunders MS-MVP IE,OE/WM, Mar 1, 2008
  14. Chompers

    Chompers Guest

    Yes, I the problem is still there if you run IE using iexplore.exe -extoff.
    Any other suggestions on how to fix this?
    Chompers, Mar 1, 2008

  15. That's not all that is wrong. The tree *should* be automatically expanding
    to match the bread crumb list at the top of the page. E.g. we should at least
    see the Web Development item expanded in your screen snap.

    My guess is that you have some old versions of the scripts, etc,
    possibly due to either your cache or an intermediate caching server.
    Try pressing Ctrl-F5?

    For a workaround you should try using the Printer Friendly Version button.
    That is the new alternative to closing the tree frame apparently.

    Another alternative which I bet won't work in the state that you're in would be
    dragging the divider for the tree frame all the way to the left. E.g. that should
    resize the display frame and allow you to see more of its content, with or
    without a vertical scrollbar, depending on font size, etc.

    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle
    Robert Aldwinckle, Mar 1, 2008
  16. Chompers

    Ruben Guest

    That's not all that is wrong. The tree *should* be automatically expanding
    I had actually manually compressed the tree in order to show that the
    horizontal scrollbar isn't at the bottom of the window. Typing in the viewed
    url gives MSDN, MSDN Library, Win32 and COM Development, Graphics and
    Multimedia, Windows GDI, Fonts and Text, Using the Font and Text-Output
    Func..., Using Portable TrueType Metrics

    Ctrl-F5 doesn't change anything. The only way the text below the window can
    be made visible is by clicking the "Printer Friendly Version"

    Ruben, Mar 2, 2008
  17. Do a thorough check for malware, following all of the steps at one of these
    Web pages.
    Help with malware:
    All MS-MVP Sites.

    Unexplained computer behavior may be caused by deceptive software.

    So How Did I Get Infected Anyway?
    For quite a few people it's by installing programs like Messenger Plus,
    whose ads for malware don't identify the malware as such and try to convince
    you that you owe it to the author. See also:
    Don't ever do a "default" install of anything. Always choose Custom and see
    what else is being carried along. Don't install any extras you're not sure
    Frank Saunders MS-MVP IE,OE/WM, Mar 2, 2008

  18. ?? Are we still on the same pag?. <eg>

    Here's what was showing in the Address bar of your image:

    In XP (as in your image) I see: [Web Development] > [HTML and CSS] >
    [HTML and DHTML Reference] >

    The tree is scrolled to the second last of those items. Both are showing
    as opened and the last one is selected (highlighted in reverse video).

    In any case if you are saying that the tree is working fine did you try changing
    its size horizontally to see if that affects the other parts of the page it should?
    For example, by dragging it to the middle of the screen I can make its horizontal
    scrollbar unnecessary.

    So you get a scrollbar then? ; }

    Also, if you toggle Fullscreen mode on and off you may see a change
    in scrollbars. E.g. I notice a particular delay re-rendering the scrollbars
    when I toggle Fullscreen mode off (using F11.) Perhaps your window
    is somehow locked in that transition, in which case it might indicate a problem
    with your video driver.

    Hmm... there is a problem with the footer for that page. The frame
    won't adopt a horizontal scrollbar even in normal mode but the footer
    seems to be formatted only for maximized mode. Hence if you want
    to see everything in the footer regardless of the position of the divider
    you apparently have to open the window in either Fullscreen or maximized

    BTW can your mouse do AutoScroll? (E.g. via Middleclick?)
    Often that feature works even when a page doesn't have scrollbars,
    especially no vertical scrollbar.

    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle, Mar 2, 2008
  19. Chompers

    Ruben Guest

    Oops, must have made something wrong there, sorry. But, yes - we are on the
    same page. I just decompressed the tree items (by clicking the -) in order to
    make it fit inside the window height.
    Nothing is opened and nothing is selected (no highligting, is it the
    horizontal scrollbar you are seeing?). All tree nodes (except the root "MSDN
    Library" node) has a + to the left of the text. Expand the window to see the
    image in the correct resolution and size (or download it and look at it in an
    image viewer).
    Yes, the tree navigation seems to be working OK. But not its scrollbars and
    there is no scrollbar in the content pane to the right.

    If I resize the tree control to make it bigger, the horizontal scrollbar
    goes away. But when I make it more narrow again it comes back and I also get
    a vertical scroll bar (as in my image) in the tree controll even though it
    isn't necessary. The horizontal scrollbar is also directly below the tree
    controll and not at the bottom of the window as it should.
    Yes, then I get a scrollbar.
    Changing to fullscreen doesn't change its behaviour, scrollbar wise.
    Yes it can, but that doesn't scroll that window, nor will the down key or
    the page down key.

    The more I think about it, the more it seems that it is the tree control
    that is messing things up.It can't tell how high my window is or something.
    Does it reside in a common control dll or something that can be corrupt or
    have wrong version or...? Do you know any other page that is using the tree
    control in the same way as the MSDN pages, so I can test?
    Thanks, looks like I could need it.
    Ruben, Mar 4, 2008
  20. Chompers

    Ruben Guest

    Hi again,

    I found something quite interesting. I saved the source of the page from a
    computer where the scrollbar is visible and the same page where they are not.
    There where differences in the source and when I opened the pages on the
    computer where it normally works as it should, the source from the computer
    where it doesn't work has no scrollbar either.

    I saved the source here:


    Maby the pages are not rendered right when viewed this way directly on
    another computer. The pages can also be downloaded here and checked for

    Does this give any clues? Perhaps it is a java script thing? Or is it a
    server thing since I get two different source files?

    Ruben, Mar 4, 2008
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