Vertical Scrolling Sensitivity Varies Dramatically within Same Application

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by Brent, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Brent

    Brent Guest

    Within the same Microsoft applications and even Vista itself, wheel
    scrolling vertical sensitivity varies widely.

    Microsoft Money
    Normal scrolling within reports, but to merely move the check register
    requires 5-10 wheel spins (more with Accelerated Scrolling disabled).

    The latest IntelliPoint driver (6.1) for Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse
    6000 is installed. No other mouse or mouse drivers have ever been
    present on this clean install other than what is already within Vista.

    Vertical scrolling seems to function normally after uninstalling
    IntelliPoint, but since there is no other way to monitor battery level,
    among other features, operating without IntelliPoint is a nonstarter.

    At this point I would seriously consider replacing the mouse if I knew I
    would not encounter the same problem. So, is this a driver problem that
    will eventually be rectified, or do I contact Microsoft only to hear
    "Reinstall Vista"?

    Known Affected Applications (so far):
    Microsoft Money 2007
    Microsoft Office 2007
    Vista Control Panel Applets such as System

    Vista Ultimate
    Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000
    IntelliPoint 6.1
    Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
    IntelliType Pro 6.1
    Brent, Mar 23, 2007
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  2. Brent

    Stephen S Guest

    There are many posts re Intellipoint problems for XP and Vista. I have screen
    redraw issues on 2 programs and the only solution is to end the ipoint.exe
    Stephen S, Mar 24, 2007
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  3. Brent

    dkiernan Guest

    Here I thought I was crazy - but I'm not the only one seeing this.

    I also have Vista and a MS Mouse (Wireless Notebook Optical 4000). My
    mouse exhibited this behavior *before* installing the Intellipoint
    driver. I installed Intellipoint hoping it would fix the issue.
    Alas, no luck.

    I get slow vertical scrolling in OneNote, and MS Access so far that I
    have noticed. Scrolling in IE, Word, Excel all work as expected.

    Unfortunately I have no solution for you, but I can at least confirm
    that it is an issue.

    dkiernan, Mar 29, 2007
  4. Brent

    Coyote Guest

    It's a known problem. Some tilt-wheel mice with Intellipoint 6.1 produce Z
    axis (scroll wheel) values that aren't what various applications are
    expecting. Apps I've seen affected personally are iTunes and OpenOffice. Many
    applications expect Z to be +/-120 per wheel 'step'. Some tilt-wheel mice
    produce variable values ranging from +/-30 when the wheel is being slowly
    rotated up to +/-1000 for a fast spin. The actual values vary by mouse and
    whether or not Intellipoint is filtering the input.

    In a nutshell: If the wheel is spinning too slow, the application ignores
    it. Then it scrolls way too much when wheel is spun faster.

    If these apps scroll properly before you install IPoint 6.1, the problem is
    IPoint modifying the scroll values: Set your mouse model to something without
    a tilt wheel (but with the same number of buttons!).

    If you have scroll problems even without Intellipoint, your mouse itself is
    sending variable values (like my Wireless Laser 6000...) Either an update to
    Intellipoint or the affected app will be required.
    Coyote, Apr 12, 2007
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