Very SLOW file sharing between XP/Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by Grand_Poobah, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Grand_Poobah

    Grand_Poobah Guest

    I see several threads concerning similar problems, but not quite like
    this. I have several XP computers that have been communicating just
    fine between themselves for years. I purchased a nice Vista Home
    Premium 64-bit laptop and set up what I thought was a good file sharing
    system. Network Neighborhoods on ALL computers show each other as on
    the network - they are all in the same workgroup - and the various
    shared folders ALL show up nicely too.

    My problem is that anything coming or going to the Vista machine is
    glacially slow. A simple 1Mb transfer may take as much as 5 minutes to
    complete. My network connections all show 100MB/s and between any XP
    machine and any other XP machine a 1Mb file blows by in a second.

    Connections appear to be fine, as I can "see" all my computers from each
    other, just that the transfers are slow to/from the Vista machine.

    I have followed suggestions in the other threads concerning setting up
    network sharing, and a couple of them did help me over the rough spots,
    but now I am stumped.

    Grand_Poobah, Nov 5, 2008
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  2. Grand_Poobah

    SCSIraidGURU Guest

    My 1 Gbps network is CAT 6 plenum grade backbone cabling and server
    Gbps NICs. On moving a 100 MB file I get 40 MB/s. If I move hundred
    or thousands of under 1 MB files, it can slow to 1-5 MB/s. You hav
    overhead in transferring and writing the files to the new locations.
    Vista also wastes time calculating the move
    SCSIraidGURU, Nov 5, 2008
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  3. Grand_Poobah

    Grand_Poobah Guest

    Well, my network appears to start transferring right away. I did some
    tests with varying size files and found that between a 1Mb file and a
    100Mb file the time difference was 5 minutes and almost 40 minutes.
    This was from XP to Vista.

    From Vista to XP takes roughly the same time. The "calculating" part
    only takes seconds at either end - it is the transfer itself that takes
    forever. At least Vista has the "More Information" button so you can
    tell what the transfer rate actually is. In all cases it runs about
    96KB/sec on a 100MB/s wired connection.


    Grand_Poobah, Nov 5, 2008
  4. Grand_Poobah

    SCSIraidGURU Guest

    Try 100 Mbps / full duplex on the NICs. Shutdown your computers.
    Restart the router or switch. Start the computers
    SCSIraidGURU, Nov 6, 2008
  5. Grand_Poobah

    ThetaSigma Guest

    There are thousands of posts all over the net where people are havin
    the exact same issue. The common factor in all of these cases is tha
    one machine is Vista while the other is XP

    Myself and thousands of others have tried literally every suggestio
    found on the net and nothing works (NIC settings, auto tuning receiv
    window, etc.). Microsoft is aware of the issue so hopefully it will b
    corrected in SP2

    This is the one bug in Vista that annoys me more than any other
    ThetaSigma, Nov 6, 2008
  6. Grand_Poobah

    Grand_Poobah Guest

    They are already doing that.


    Grand_Poobah, Nov 6, 2008
  7. Grand_Poobah

    Grand_Poobah Guest

    That is precisely the answer I was afraid that I would get. I have
    arrived at that conclusion myself. Googling this problem in various
    ways produces those "thousands of posts" you mention. I have beaten
    this dead horse about all I can now. Time for me to move on and just
    get over it I guess. My fasted time, believe it or not, is to burn a
    CD/DVD on the XP machine and take it over to the Vista machine.
    "SneakerNet" anyone?


    Grand_Poobah, Nov 6, 2008
  8. Grand_Poobah

    Kerry Brown Guest

    Kerry Brown, Nov 6, 2008
  9. Grand_Poobah

    Grand_Poobah Guest

    Just tried it, rebooted, and - no change. I think these fixes tend to
    address downloading/uploading more than intercommunications between
    workgroup computers.


    Grand_Poobah, Nov 6, 2008
  10. Grand_Poobah

    SCSIraidGURU Guest

    Disable your anti-virus and see if its causing the issue. Do it on both
    SCSIraidGURU, Nov 7, 2008
  11. Grand_Poobah

    Grand_Poobah Guest

    Nope. Good thought though. AVG is on both of them.


    Grand_Poobah, Nov 7, 2008
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