VHS capture using composite input - on a Sony VAIO

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Dogman, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. Dogman

    Dogman Guest


    i've been reading through some threads on capturing VHS and
    i'm still confused... if anyone can help me out here...

    i recently purchased a Sony Vaio VGC-RA826G which
    has media center 2005.

    i would like to capture some VHS stuff to MPEG. I have plugged
    in my RCA cables (yellow,red, white) into the "input 1" on the
    back of my machine.

    My machine has:

    ATI Radeon X600 XT 256 MB video memory
    TV-out/VGA out/DVI-out
    16x PCI express
    Giga Pocket MPEG2 realtime encoder/decoder board
    with TV tuner

    My question is: what software do I need to access this
    "line 1" (VHS) input?? Can I do this from within
    media center or must I buy additional software?

    I've checked everything that was preloaded on the machine,
    and i can't seem to find anything.

    Please help!! thank you!
    Dogman, Dec 20, 2004
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  2. Dogman

    vbn Guest

    Watch VHS: Using "VAIO Media" program ( select Watch TV and select S-Video
    or Composite)
    Capture VHS: Using "Click to DVD" or " Windows Movie maker" (select source
    i-link or composite...).
    vbn, Dec 20, 2004
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  3. Dogman

    Dogman Guest

    thank you for the reply. i am able to see my vhs source playing in click to
    dvd... but can i capture to my hard drive as mpeg files instead of to a dvd ?

    i also tried windows movie maker, which appears to be better suited for
    capturing to my hard drive, but when i click "capture from video device" it
    tells me "a video capture device was not detected." how do i get windows
    movie maker to see my analog source??

    thanks again.
    Dogman, Dec 21, 2004
  4. Dogman

    vbn Guest

    vbn, Dec 21, 2004
  5. Dogman

    Dogman Guest

    i think click to dvd is what it says - "to dvd"
    i don't think it is designed for capture to a hard drive

    i read the microsoft article, but it was no help. i have all of the
    hardware requrements (i know the card works because i can
    see my analog video in click to dvd), but moviemaker simply
    does not recognize it. maybe its a conflict with media center?

    maybe i need some sort of analog to USB converter?

    this really sucks... you would think with a high end machine
    this would be a really simple task. thanks again for your help.
    Dogman, Dec 21, 2004
  6. Dogman

    Dogman Guest

    OK here is the scoop if anyone cares... hopefully this will help someone else
    down the line...

    Sony Vaios that have media center do NOT have giga pocket (digital vcr
    software) included. if you want to get an mpeg file from an analog source
    you must:

    1. reconfigure your media center to accept an analog input.
    this is a pain in the ass because you must undo all of your cable
    settings. go to sony.com and search the knowledge base. there is an article
    that describes how to do this step by step

    2. after you have recorded your stuff into media center, open the DVGate
    software that came with your sony. at first i dismissed this, because it
    only allows digital inputs for capture. but if you go to the "output"
    section, you will see that you can open files recorded in media center and
    easily convert them to AVI or MPEG. problem solved.

    other things i learned:

    -windows movie maker does not recognize analog inputs
    -Sony first level support is absolutely useless. i spend hours in on-line
    and on the phone with these retards. the cannot even understand your
    problem so how the hell can they fix it? not until i reached a level 2 or 3
    support person did i get my answer. what could have taken 2 minutes took me
    2 days.

    over and out.
    Dogman, Dec 23, 2004
  7. Dogman

    Tiny Tim Guest

    To capture video from tape in an analog camera or VCR
    1.. Make sure your analog camera or VCR is connected properly to your
    computer, and then set the camera mode to play recorded video (often labeled
    VTR or VCR on an analog camera).
    2.. On the File menu, click Capture Video.

    In the Movie Tasks pane, under Capture Video, click Capture from video

    3.. On the Video Capture Device page, do the following:
    a.. In Available devices, click the analog device you want to use to
    capture video, and then, in the Video input source list, click the input
    line you want to use.
    b.. If you want to adjust and configure the video capture device
    settings, click Configure.
    c.. In the Audio device list, click the audio capture device you want to
    use, and then, in Audio input source, click the input line you want to use.
    d.. To adjust the volume of your captured audio, move the Input level
    slider to the level you want to use.
    4.. In the Enter a file name for your captured video box, enter a file
    name for your captured video file. Then, in the Choose a place to save your
    captured video box, select the location where you want your video to be
    saved or click Browse to select a location.
    5.. On the Video Setting page, select the video setting you want to use
    for capturing video and audio.
    6.. To separate the video into smaller clips, select the Create clips when
    wizard finishes check box.
    7.. To prevent audio from playing over your speakers while capturing
    video, select the Mute speakers check box.
    8.. To automatically stop capturing after a time period has elapsed,
    select the Capture time limit check box, and then type or select the length
    of time you want to capture. Time is displayed in the form of
    9.. Using the controls on your analog camera or VCR, locate the video and
    audio you want to capture from your tape.
    10.. To begin capturing, click Start Capture, and then press the Play
    button on your analog camera or VCR.
    11.. Do one of the following:
    a.. When the tape reaches the point at which you want to stop capturing,
    click Stop Capture, and then press the Stop button on your analog camera or
    b.. If you have selected the Capture time limit check box, wait for the
    specified amount of time for video to be captured, and then press the Stop
    button on your analog camera or VCR.
    12.. Repeat steps 9 through 11 for each part of the video tape you want to
    13.. When you have finished capturing, click Finish to close the Video
    Capture Wizard.
    The captured content is imported into a new collection with the same name
    as the specified video file.
    Tiny Tim, Dec 23, 2004
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