Viability of power-line intrusions

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by FYIGMO, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. you don't have to be connected to the web for there to be a powerline intrusion. Even if you're using a battery, the gov. can access your PC! AC or DC, it doesn't matter!

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    Re: Viability of power-line intrusions

    I understand realism, which is why anyone would simply use battery power if
    they were that afraid of a power-line intrusion. The question is more
    theoretical at this time, but for how long? If there's two things I've
    learned over the years it's never underestimate the cunning and tenacity of
    criminals, and second is that computer software and hardware continues to
    increase in capability while dropping in price, resulting in home computers
    or laptops today that two or three decades ago would have taken "national"
    means to have owned and operated.

    Also, you wrote: "If you are concerned about the kind of highly-motivated,
    well-funded and overly-technical attacker that would be able to deduce
    anything from monitoring your power usage...."

    I clearly said in my original posting that power-line intrusions are used to
    collect data, not monitor your power usage. I suggest you read about the
    NSA's TEMPEST program and security requirements regarding it. Computer data
    can be just as easily collected via power lines as through a broadband
    connection, only it's much more covert. If governments and corporations can
    use it and are concerned with protection against it, then there's no reason
    to believe criminals have not, or will not soon, be using it.

    You also said: "The short answer - if you think your opponents are smarter
    and richer than you, and they're interested in your information, stop using
    the information in places they can get to."

    For now, you still have that option, but as companies and/or their products
    are increasingly connected to the web and cell networks, it won't be long
    before you don't have any choice. Have you ever tried operating a computer
    that's not connected to the internet? It's amazing how many programs won't
    function because the program can't communicate to the internet for reasons
    such as product verification, and when you try to communicate with the
    company they go into vapor lock (as though regular mail doesn't exist or is
    not an option anymore for communications) and fail or refuse to pass along
    authorization numbers, etc., for your legally owned software to function.

    I don't think it's a dumb question to be asking about criminals and
    power-line intrusions. As we all become more connected to the web for
    everyday needs and services, it's just another possible vulnerability to be
    concerned about.



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    lloyd dettering, Sep 18, 2009
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  2. I'll double on YOUR meds., if you care to meet with me face-to-face, you C.S.I.S. stooge! You're only here to discredit anyone informing on the criminal Harper government's illegal activities. Where's the post in which I gave more details. eh? Anyone can look up The Walrus post on Google about D-Wave Systems which you criminals are using.

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    Re: Re:Viability of power-line intrusions

    Use encryption.

    EggHeadCafe - Software Developer Portal of Choice
    WCF Workflow Services Using External Data Exchange
    lloyd dettering, Sep 18, 2009
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    Gordon Guest

    in message
    Keep taking the pills - you've obviously missed years of them....

    Gordon, Sep 18, 2009
  4. I said nothing about meds nor made any other slight about your state of
    mental health.

    Simple - if you can't have any hope of stemming the flow of information
    leakage, encrypt that information so as to make it worthless to anyone
    receiving that leaked information.
    FromTheRafters, Sep 18, 2009
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