view/source and stationery not travelling to receiver

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by dozycow37, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. dozycow37

    dozycow37 Guest

    in outlook express we were able to look at and modify the source can I access this in WLM....and if I cant....why not?

    I sent my first stat made with the wizard that looks and acts the same as OE
    but the receiver is not receiving it at their end...they have html or rich
    text etc ticked...we have been exchaning mails for many years and mostly make
    our own stats

    other than the above I am impressed with the upgade...but will certainly
    enquire about any other anomolies I find
    dozycow37, Jun 28, 2008
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  2. dozycow37

    ...winston Guest

    View source code of an html message is not an option in WLM.
    All that is available is the message source details
    Control F3
    ...winston, Jun 28, 2008
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  3. dozycow37

    dozycow37 Guest I cant make changes at the composing stage in WLM via the source tab
    as in OE....any reason from microsoft for this change? was very handy
    in placing html code within the email to enhance same

    how about the second question...additionally I can open the stat in
    mydocuments\mystationary...and noted that it has a zero kb weight.. the
    wizard made stat went to a google group ...and maybe they have not passed it
    on to the members of the group in all it's glory?
    as this is the first few days of using the stand alone version of WML..(I am
    expecting my Vista operating system this coming week)... thank you for the
    prompt response.... I cant see anything in the Source code that would explain
    the problem....thank you again
    dozycow37, Jun 28, 2008
  4. dozycow37

    ...winston Guest

    2nd Q on Why. Don't'll have to ask or request info of Msft via Feeback(WLM/Help/Send Feedback (web).
    Other stationery questions ? --- sorry, never use it..
    ...winston, Jun 28, 2008
  5. Windows Live Mail (WLM) lacks the ability that Outlook Express (OE) has
    to view/edit the HTML source in a message that you are composing. There
    is a workaround, but it is nowhere as convenient as in OE.

    1 - Start composing the message as normal.

    2 - When you get to the point when you want to edit the HTML, do a File,
    Save As to an EML file. Close the message (X in the upper right hand

    3 - Open the saved EML file in Notepad.

    4 - At this point you can edit the HTML code. If you edit the text in
    the HTML portion of the message, WLM will automatically update the plain
    text portion when you send the message.

    5 - Save the EML file from Notepad, then double click to open in WLM.
    You can then send the message.

    6 - The saved EML file can be deleted.

    Note: If after opening the saved EML file you make some changes via WLM
    and decide that you need to do make further source changes, you will
    need to save to a different EML file, as the current one is locked by
    WLM and won't let the Save As update it.

    As for your sending some stationery to another person:

    Does the message look correct in your Sent Items folder?
    Is just the image missing at the recipient? If so, look in Tools,
    Options, Send, Mail HTML Settings and make sure that Send Pictures is
    Michael Santovec, Jun 28, 2008
  6. dozycow37

    dozycow37 Guest

    Thank you Michael Santovic...I have also just realised that WLM is different
    to the Windows Mail I will receive tucked up into Vista ...I do look forward
    to installing the Ultimate version of Vista during the week and utilising
    the Mail program that appears to be the same as this one. I am in my
    seventies and confined to home so the computer and the OE/WLM/WM is an
    integral part of my contact with the outside world....If necessary I will
    utilise the "save as .eml" and modify in a html editor when I want to add
    something like animated banners etc...

    thank you for you help

    dozycow37, Jun 28, 2008
  7. You are welcome and good luck.
    Michael Santovec, Jun 29, 2008
  8. dozycow37

    N. Miller Guest

    Email was designed in the days when plain text was the most common way to
    use a computer. Sending anything other than plain text requires programming
    tricks, and MIME, to encode image and HTML elements into plain text, and to
    decode those elements at the far end. My suspicion is that the WLM
    programming staff was under a deadline pressure to get a product out of the
    door, and skipped the fancy stuff to meet the deadline. MSOE was one of a
    very few email client which allowed on-the-fly editing of HTML; and probably
    fewer than 1.5% of users actually used it. I never did.
    N. Miller, Jun 29, 2008
  9. Yep, the WLM Team dropped those features that the focus group studies
    showed as being used by only a small percentage. One other feature that
    was cut for that reason was the integrated contacts list in the left pane.
    Gary VanderMolen, Jun 29, 2008
  10. dozycow37

    dozycow37 Guest

    Thank you Norman...very early in the PC existence I met up with others who
    liked to tinker with the source code in MOE and have it look more interesting
    than plain text. Some of us became very creative and went on to making even
    more creative web pages as a result...

    I suspect your suspicions are correct...MS have developed a culture of
    "let's throw this in the mix (or not) and see how it flies"...which is often
    how wonderful things are is paradoxical that something that
    depends so much on logic to exist and evovlve has come this far ...dont take
    that comment as me being a total fan of MS....I am not..but a couple of
    meddlers in a garage did get me and my umpteenth computer to this stage with
    my obsession....and that is the best and only compliment I give them,....rofl

    I appreciate your response.....I am never certain about being proud or not
    of being "a small percentage of"...but will take this comment as I do other
    things I dabble in and try to pull apart and change for the better
    (hopefully) ...
    as a compliment %)

    Take Care....Dozycow37
    dozycow37, Jun 29, 2008
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