Virtual drives cause Windows to crash

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by Hssarth, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Hssarth

    Hssarth Guest

    Before I start, let me note that anything noted below is marked as
    vista-compatible, and were installed through the most recent versions.

    For some reason, upon installing a virtual drive such as a litteral network
    drive (Ximeta NDAS), or a virtual DVD drive (Alcohol 120%), Windows seems to
    get confused. The first thing that goes wrong is that My Computer or Drive
    Management will load and then stop responding, displaying all but the newly
    installed virtual drive. After which, an error pops up saying that Microsoft
    Windows has stopped responding, and lets you choose weather to close it or
    let it wait.

    If you then restart explorer through Task Manager, the process will show up
    and nothing will happen. If you then relaunch winlogon through the run
    window, the task bar will show up, and the same error message will show up if
    you click on it or the desktop. If you reboot, it will let you boot into
    regular windows once, and repeat the same process. Reboot again, and it will
    crash on the login screen before it even displays.

    The only cure I've found to this is to boot up in non-networked safe mode
    and then remove any related startup programs and services, then make sure the
    program itself is completely uninstalled. If wose comes to worst, you end up
    needing to load a system restore.

    Has anyone else found this, and if so, found a way to make virtual drives
    Hssarth, Mar 7, 2007
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  2. Hssarth

    Simon Berube Guest

    For me, Daemon-Tools works without problems. I've seen it work on X86 and
    X64. Maybe you should try Daemon-Tools. The official website is

    Otherwise I'm sure the other programs will offer better support soon as

    Simon Berube, Mar 7, 2007
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  3. Hssarth

    Hssarth Guest

    Nope. Same issue, unfortunately.

    Hssarth, Mar 7, 2007
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