Vista 32 bit Academic Upgrade - hangs on "Completing Upgrade" step

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Brinbane, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. Brinbane

    Brinbane Guest

    See below for specs.

    I performed a clean Vista install on a SATA2 hard drive, updated the SATA
    drivers and followed up with an upgrade so I could activate. The install
    fails every time at the "completing upgrade" step.

    I did another clean install but did not do the upgrade step as a test and
    noticed frequent locking up both prior to and after installing all hardware
    drivers. Installing SATA and Raid drivers (I'm not using raid) did not stop
    the lockups. Installing Just the SATA driver w/o raid did not stop the

    As another test I performed a clean install using the Vista Academic upgrade
    DVD on a older IDE 40g hard drive and followed it up with a reinstall upgrade
    for activation but did not activate. Vista ran fine for 1 week without a
    single lockup.

    I also performed a clean install of XP on the SATA2 hard drive and had no

    So I'm certain I've narrowed the problem to the SATA drive and the Academic
    version of Visa. Other forums indicate no issues with SATA drive when using
    a full version of Visa. I did try another SATA drive, but the same model,
    to test if the drive was bad. The 2nd drive had the same issues.

    Thorough research with the motherboard manufacturer and other Vista forums
    seem to indicate installation issues specifically with the Academic version
    of Vista.

    Since I can't return an opened carton of Vista and it's $60 to call
    Microsoft it seems I'm stuck purchasing another full version of Vista unless
    I find a solution.

    P6N Diamond 680i SLI
    2G Patriot DDR2 800 w/EPP
    Thermaltake 750W
    EVGA 8800GT
    Cooler Master Hyper Cooler 212
    Plextor DVD R/RW
    Seagate SATA2 500g w/32mb cache
    Brinbane, Jan 8, 2008
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