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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help' started by Wilstrup, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Wilstrup

    Wilstrup Guest

    I am editing videofilm with Pinnacle studio 11 ultimate with
    Windows Vista home premium.
    No problems here - until I restart the task and try to
    continue my work.
    In the act of trying to fetch the recently file, I get the
    message that I do not have any access to the file in question
    and that I have to ask the administrator about it.
    The thing is that /I am/ the administrator and ought to have
    full access to everything.

    The help menu in Vista recommends me to log on as a standard
    user. Then I just have to insert the administrator's password
    when I am dealing with files which only the administrator has
    access to.

    I do so by making another "standard user" which is myself,
    using a new name, new password etc. But when I try to open the
    file, I am not able to insert any password as it just tells me
    that I have no access to the file en question.

    So to rephrase:

    1. I have logged on as an administrator with full access to
    everything in Windows Vista home premium
    2. I am thereafter trying to get a certain file from the
    3. I am denied this access as a pop-up menu tells me that I am
    not entitled to have access to the file and I must get
    permission from the administrator, which is - of course
    4. the help menu suggests that I log on as a common user and
    when I want to have any access to the files I will be prompted
    for the administrator's password
    5. I follow this advice, but I am still denied any access to
    the file and there is no pop-up box giving me the possibility
    to insert the password in question

    What do I have to do?

    Arne H. Wilstrup
    Wilstrup, Jul 28, 2007
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