Vista and Windows OneCare Live: MASSIVE Problems?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista File Management' started by Vista User, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. Vista User

    Vista User Guest


    It can take a week of system settings being tweaked and adjusted in order to
    get my computer usable. IE7 zone settings, script settings, add-ons
    checked; then, often uninstalling/reinstalling my important applications and
    programs, for which I even HAVE a computer in the first place.

    After having spent some six hours attempting to use my computers this
    morning (finally running just fine the last couple of days), I discovered
    that Windows Live OneCare has gone through and "cleaned up" my startup
    programs, "reset" my Internet Explorer security settings (including the
    Trusted Zone settings, which allow certain applications to run on my
    computer), while Windows Update has updated system drivers that I already
    know cause my laptop computer to hang.

    Did Windows Live OneCare ask me if I wanted these changes to made on my
    computer? Did it tell me what it had done (which startup programs were
    "cleaned up," like my network printing monitor program, which is the only
    way I can scan and print from my wireless laptop?), or did it even give me
    an alert when it went through and "reset" my IE7 security settings
    (including the Trusted Zone, upon which a few of my applications rely in
    order to even start up)? And did Windows Update let me review which updates
    I do and don't want installed on my laptop (selecting any setting other than
    Automatically Download and Install gives an annoying non-green status
    indicator on Windows OneCare Live, which could then let serious security
    issues go unnoticed. Hence, you're forced to do Automatic Install, or lose
    any further alert status from Windows Live OneCare).

    I've spent more of my life this year researching, adjusting, configuring,
    protecting and reinstalling my computer thanks to Vista, Windows OneCare
    Live and their endless changes, updates and driver replacements that keep me
    and my computers held hostage, and forcing me to pay for the privilege with
    an unused computer, stealth configuration tactics and live-world testing
    using my time, equipment and funds.
    Vista User, Dec 25, 2007
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  2. Vista User

    Wandering Guest

    I am curious as to why you are using Windows Live One Care. It's not a
    question, just food for thought.

    Even in the matter of updates, it is best to let Windows tell you what it
    wants to install, and then pick from the list. Don't install drivers from
    Windows upgrade site. Get them from the mfg site.
    Wandering, Dec 25, 2007
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  3. WLOC is a miracle of FUD and MS knowing better than users. They have added
    "enhancements" to 2.0 at the last minute that even changed the screen saver
    to the standard Vista MS whatever, 10 minutes timeout, and if you changed it
    back to something else, next boot WLOC would change it BACK.

    I went through a very bad time getting "unsubscribed" from WLOC. A new
    "support web flow" seems to have been "slipstreamed" into the process; in my
    case, I was asked to allow an active-x control to be installed so that my
    WLOC installation could be "verified." I wanted to contact Microsoft to
    cancel my subscription, which HAD to be done over the phone (it doesn't),
    but COULD NOT FIND A TELEPHONE NUMBER through their webpages that seem to
    lead in a circular fashion to nowhere, a situation made worse my my WLOC
    installation being "not detected." Finally MVP Steven Boots helped out in
    that respect. I expected 2.0 to allow the user a little bit of flexibility;
    but MS doesn't see it that way. So away it went, I have Avast and it seems
    to do quite well along with the Vista firewall.

    Microsoft seems to be using the business model in WLOC, and in Vista, of
    "let the customer make it work in service." In other words, release it full
    of "issues" (I love the use of that word now for everything that is a
    Microsoft PROBLEM). In the WLOC forum you see endless non-answers, that "it
    should, it might, it could" and little else.

    WLOC was OK, as integrated into XP in 1.0 and now is a PITA; yellow or red
    status unless you do things (e.g., url lookups through their "phishing
    filter" and "automatic updates or die" their way; otherwise green status
    isn't possible, and the whole color scheme becomes ridiculous. The
    apologists will all clamor that WLOC is meant for the "average or
    inexperienced user" but methinks MS understimates its userbase. I'm doing
    the preparations for "upgrading" from Vista to XP very soon; and yes I gave
    Vista a chance, since public beta 2. Money wasted big-time for no real
    gain, just a lot of things rearranged and restricted for no good reason. My
    favorite Vista program is Acronis backup, a non-Microsoft program. They are
    one company that somehow wrote software that had no "gotchas" in the backup

    Bill Halvorsen
    Bill Halvorsen, Jan 2, 2008
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