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Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by AliceZ, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. AliceZ

    AliceZ Guest

    I recently uninstalled AVG-AV 7.5 and AVG-AS 7.5. I then installed AVG8.

    Now when I open the Vista Security Centter and click on Malware and then
    click on the Show me the anit-spyware programs on this computer.
    What I see is:
    AVG - Anti Spyware - Out of date
    AVG Anti-Virus Free - ON
    Windows Defender - ON

    I was told by AVG forum that AVG Anti Spyware should be removed. Howeveer, I
    already removed it. The only program is AVG8 Free.

    Can anyone help? I checked Add/Remove and only AVG8 Free is there!
    AliceZ, Aug 24, 2008
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  2. I had this same problem with Vista's Security Center after uninstalling
    Avira Antivir and installing AVG 8. Vista's Security Center continued to
    insist that the Antivir was installed and running (and even up-to-date),
    despite the fact that I had thoroughly uninstalled it (to the point of
    cleaning out everything I could find in the registry using the search
    terms "Avira," and "Antivir." Vista's Security Center, IIRC, even warned
    me that I had two anti-virus programs running, which could conflict with
    one another. Obviously, though, I had no real problems at all beyond
    some kind of confusion in my Security Center.

    Finally, someone pointed me to instructions for eliminating my Security
    Center's confusion, and hopefully they will do the same for you. See:

    Daze N. Knights, Aug 24, 2008
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  3. AliceZ

    AliceZ Guest

    #1- Was this done on your Vista system and did it clear-up the problem?
    #2- If you hadn't done anything, there would really be nothing wrong with
    your mn ,Vista computer, it would just be that Security Center was at fault.
    And you could have just let ev*0erything remain "as is."
    #3- What is the Security Center IIRC warning you received and what did you
    do about that?+-*
    AliceZ, Aug 24, 2008
  4. AliceZ

    AliceZ Guest

    In Step 5, did it have a pop-up box after you clicked STOP, and did that box
    "When Windows Management Instrumentation stop, these other services will
    also stop: SECURITY CENTER and IP HELPER?"
    And did you just click OKAY?
    AliceZ, Aug 25, 2008
  5. You must update the definitions. Then the Security Center is satisfied.
    Charles W Davis, Aug 25, 2008
  6. Answered inline:
    My best understanding is that the problem actually involved only the
    Security Center (which I would describe as "confused"), not any of my
    security programs or anything else.
    It's been a while and I don't recall exactly. First, I believe it gave
    me some kind of warning about having two antivirus programs running.
    Then, when I opened the Security Center, sure enough, it listed both my
    current program (AVG) and the one that I had uninstalled (Antivir).
    Daze N. Knights, Aug 25, 2008
  7. Following those instructions is a bit scary, isn't it? I wasn't sure if
    it was worth it, since the actual problem seemed to be nothing more than
    a "confused" Security Center, either. I make regular full-system
    backups, though, so I also knew that, should something go wrong, I
    should be able to completely restore my system in a short period of
    time. Consequently, I risked going a bit into the unknown, and I'm glad
    that I did, because, whether it really matters much or not, I now have a
    healthily "non-confused" Security Center again.
    I just can't remember if I got that message at the time or not, although
    I can definitely say that I *do*, indeed, get exactly that message when
    I try clicking on Stop now. So, chances are that I got that same message
    before, as well.
    If I got the message, as I guess I probably did, then yes, that's what I
    did. (I don't know about the "IP Helper," but it makes perfect sense to
    me that it would be necessary to stop the Security Center, at least, in
    order for the necessary changes to take place.)
    Daze N. Knights, Aug 25, 2008
  8. Oh, and BTW: Instead of deleting the Repository folder, you could
    instead, of course, more cautiously try renaming it (just add, for
    instance, an XXX to its name), which would allow you to recover it if a
    new one wasn't automatically recreated in the course of your finishing
    the list of instructions. Once everything was seen it be A-OK in the
    end, then you could finally go back and delete it.
    Daze N. Knights, Aug 25, 2008
  9. AliceZ

    AliceZ Guest

    Many, many thanks.
    Would you be able to answer the following please:
    #1- Re: your: " I make regular full-system backups." How do you do this?

    #2- Re: your: " Instead of deleting the Repository folder, you could
    instead, of course, more cautiously try renaming it (just add, for instance,
    an XXX to its name"
    How would this be done (for future reference, hope I don't have to do again)?

    #3- I can gain access to these MS Community Boards when I sign in, on my
    WinXP desktop. But, when I try to sign in on my Vista, I keep getting
    returned to the original community page I was viewing. Would you know why I
    can't sign in on the Vista?

    Once again, thanks for all your kind help.
    AliceZ, Aug 25, 2008
  10. Answers inline:
    I use Vista's "Complete PC Backup," which is only available in the
    Business and Ultimate versions.
    No idea.
    Daze N. Knights, Aug 25, 2008
  11. AliceZ

    AliceZ Guest

    Thank you.

    So, in Step 11, where it states:
    "11) Right-click on the Repository folder and click Delete and remove it" I
    would right click on "Roisitory folder" and instead of clicking DELETE, I
    would click on RENAME, and change the folder name to "RepositoryXXX."
    And then continue with the rest of the instructions through step #12.

    Complete PC Backup not available in my Home Premium. Would the System
    Restore Points be 'similar?'

    AliceZ, Aug 25, 2008
  12. Yes (assuming Vista will allow you to rename that particular folder,
    which it might not. I just deleted it; but when making changes such as
    this, I often rename the old folder or file just as a precaution, so I
    can hopefully recover it by changing the name back to what it was if
    something goes wrong. If you just delete it, though, no doubt the folder
    will go to your Recyle Bin from which you could easily restore it later
    should a new Repository folder not be automatically created; so you
    should have that option if its not re-nameable).
    No. I don't think System Restore could help recover from something going
    amiss by following these instructions. (But neither would I expect
    anything to go wrong, just so you precisely follow the given
    instructions. I would strongly recommend that you print them out before
    implementing them, so that you have a hard copy to refer to.)
    Daze N. Knights, Aug 26, 2008
  13. AliceZ

    AliceZ Guest

    <just so you precisely follow the given instructions. I would strongly
    recommend that you print them out before implementing them, so that you have
    a hard copy to refer to.)>

    Please, which instructions are you referring to?

    AliceZ, Aug 26, 2008
  14. Uhhh . . . the 14-step instructions to which I referred you at

    for solving your stated problem and about which you have just been
    asking me many questions over the past two days . . . ??

    Honestly, I have been wondering if you might be best off just leaving
    your problem alone. Their are far worse things than a "confused"
    Security Center, which is intended only to warn you of security
    deficiencies and is now merely reporting incorrectly that you have an
    out-of-date security application (AVG - Anti Spyware) that you know
    actually no longer exists on your computer at all. Since you know that
    Vista's Security Center is giving you a false report on this particular
    matter, you also know that you can safely ignore it because it is not an
    actual problem.

    When you originally asked for help and I referred you to the
    instructions on

    with an explanation of how they had resolved a very similar problem for
    me, I seem to have incorrectly assumed that you had more knowledge than
    you do of computer basics. Since then, you have indicated that you
    didn't know how to rename a file or folder, which gave me pause to
    wonder if you might not be better off leaving things as they are.
    Although these 14-step instructions are very clear and easy to follow,
    they do involve making changes in a service (in this case: Windows
    Management Instrumentation) and a Windows folder (in this case:
    Repository), the ramifications of which are matters beyond the
    understanding of novice computer users and, if not done carefully, can
    result in new problems that may be worse than the original. I would not
    care to feel responsible for this happening to you.
    Daze N. Knights, Aug 26, 2008
  15. AliceZ

    AliceZ Guest

    I did follow the 14 steps and it did solve the problem and I did save the
    instructions. I just did not understand which "instructions" you were
    referring to in your previousw post.
    Thank you for all you help and I will not bother you again.
    AliceZ, Aug 26, 2008
  16. Hey! No problem. I'm so glad to hear of your success! That's a real
    feather in your cap, IMO.
    Daze N. Knights, Aug 27, 2008
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