Vista Basic, Nvidia 6100 graphics and Zuma Deluxe

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by RalfG, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. RalfG

    RalfG Guest

    Setting up a new PC here (eMachines H5270) and installed Zuma Deluxe. The
    game is playable but the motion becomes quite jerky whenever the on screen
    action becomes more intense. Also the mouse leaves droppings when Zuma's
    custom cursors option is enabled. The processor is a 2700Mhz Athlon and the
    graphics chipset is years newer than the ATI card in the PC this one

    Has anyone else experienced these symptoms with Zuma? Is there a way to fix
    this or am I seeing an incompatibility problem between this game and
    something in hardware?
    RalfG, Dec 31, 2008
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  2. RalfG

    Paul Smith Guest

    The GeForce 6100 is a very low-end card. It wouldn't surprise me that it
    doesn't have enough horsepower to keep the framerates up.

    Basically when looking at graphics card the thousand digit refers to the
    generation, in this case 6th generation, and the following numbers refer to
    the performance. For example a 6100 is slower than a 6600, with 6800 being
    the fastest. 7100 would be comparable to the 6100 - possibly a bit faster,
    but not necessarily so.

    Paul Smith,
    Yeovil, UK.
    Microsoft MVP Windows Desktop Experience.

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    Paul Smith, Jan 1, 2009
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  3. RalfG

    RalfG Guest

    Interesting information Paul, thanks.

    I hadn't bothered to run my usual benchmark comparison on this PC because of
    it's relatively okay Windows Experience rating of 3.0 for graphics (also the
    base score). The owner of this computer isn't a gamer and I didn't consider
    Zuma would be particularly challenging for the hardware, considering the
    hardware in the machine it was already being played on. I'm puzzling over
    that now, having just run a benchmark (3dMark2001SE) and the result (3919)
    was only 500 points higher than I got for a 933Mhz P3 with a Radeon 7500
    card in it. The game plays perfectly well on the P3 machine, which is the
    one being replaced. I'm wondering now just what use the Vista Performance
    information is when it gives me a difference of 3.8 for the HD2400 gaming
    graphics versus 3.0 for this Nvidia 6100 yet the graphics benchmark scores
    differ by almost 10,000 points.

    I think the computer only has a 250 watt power supply in it so I suppose the
    next question would be what PCIe video card could I put in there that
    wouldn't stress the existing PSU.
    RalfG, Jan 1, 2009
  4. RalfG

    Chuck Guest

    The E Machines site (H5270) shows
    NVIDIA® GeForce® 6100 integrated graphics
    Up to 128MB of shared video memory (Believe this may be part of the problem)
    PCI Express (x8) slot available for upgrade

    Most "integrated" video systems are not really "optimized" for gaming.
    You may be able to look at the running services, and temporarily disable
    those that are not needed as a means to improve things a bit. I currently
    have an HP laptop running Vista ultimate, that uses an Nvidia chpset and a
    1.5ghz intel dual processor. It's win score is ~ 4.5. It was much lower
    (3.4) with the older video driver versions. The graphics preformance is
    just enough to be able to play Crysis in low end mode. This is more or less
    equal to an older desktop running XP with a 2ghz single core mobile
    processor, and 133mhz memory buss speed. On the older (AGP) system, the
    graphics card is a fairly high end Nvidia card for an AGP card.
    Chuck, Jan 2, 2009
  5. RalfG

    RalfG Guest

    I was afraid the shared memory might be at the root of the problem. Turning
    off 3d acceleration in the game solves the jerkiness issue but the game
    loses its visual appeal as the balls slide rather than roll. This chipset
    actually lost a decimal point or two off the graphics index when I updated
    the video driver. It's beginning to look like an add-in graphics card will
    have to be the solution to the issue.
    RalfG, Jan 2, 2009
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