Vista Bluetooth sync with Windows Mobile problems

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by CJSnet, May 24, 2007.

  1. CJSnet

    andresmor Guest

    hi there:

    I'm following all your instructions, but when i check the services my Dell
    AXIM 30 offers it only shows me "serial Port" on com5 it doesnt show anyother
    service. Am I checking on th right place?. I'm doing this on> Bluetooth
    Devices >Dell Axim>propeties>services. You talk about configuration buttom i
    have propeties buttom.

    Help Please
    andresmor, Aug 5, 2007
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  2. I want to add my voice to what Matthew said and thank Nosotromos for his
    instructions because they did work!


    Eugene Pinero, Aug 23, 2007
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  3. CJSnet

    spark70au Guest

    I am also having this problem with COM ports with Vista x64, WMDM 6.1 and my
    iPaq rx4540.

    My general opinion of MS having us mess about with the registry aside, the
    step-by-step guide here is good up to point 9. I can't find anywhere in the
    bluetooth setup on the PC or the iPaq, or in the Vista Sync manager or WMDC
    where it's possible to change the name of the connection. Could you please
    clarify exactly what is meant by 'configure again activesync service'?

    spark70au, Aug 29, 2007
  4. CJSnet

    Mark Guest

    You're just teasing me. I was excited this might have been a solution. But on
    my Treo 700wx,checked or unchecked...still no go. I'm going to try and
    decipher the above reg edit and see if I can get that to work.

    I can't get past figuring out how to find the com port activesync is using
    to go in and then edit the opposite side.


    Mark, Dec 8, 2007
  5. CJSnet

    Mark Guest

    Ok, my turn to chime in. I have the EXACT same problem as CJSnet. I wish
    someone from MS would actually read this and offer some sort of help.

    WMDC 6.1 on an HP dv9610us laptop
    WM5 on a Treo 700WX /Verizon

    I have an active pairing and have set up and used a USB sync. I can use
    Bluetooth to beam files back and forth so I know at least some of Bluetooth

    What ticks me off is the absolute lack of Bluetooth support. Other than
    marketing fluff, there is not one shred of information on how to actually
    make it work or diagnose a problem. The seems to be an implicit trust that it
    just 'works'. But just how do you make it actually do that?
    Mark, Dec 8, 2007
  6. CJSnet

    Sven Guest

    The comm port on the WM Device and the one on the PC have nothing to do with
    each other. Each side's BT connection is presented as a comm (serial) port
    to be used by the associated program, in this case ActiveSync or WMDC.

    MS MVP Mobile Devices
    Sven, Dec 8, 2007
  7. CJSnet

    Mark Guest

    That's really interesting.

    But how the heck do you make it work then? I really don't care if it's a bug
    or if it's a comm port issue, or whatever it is. I just want to get it to

    If I had to guess CJSnet would like that too.

    Mark, Dec 9, 2007
  8. CJSnet

    Sven Guest

    Unfortunately it is a hard problem because of all the different variations
    in implementing BT. Actually the UI into BT. I recently came into a MS
    branded BT dongle, stuck that onto my Vista machine (which detected it and
    loaded drivers, native Vista drivers), grabbed a WM device which was already
    paired with that machine, opened AS on the device, and clicked Connect via
    BT, and it just did it. By no means am I suggesting that is how it always
    works. It is how it should work though. With various different BT stacks on
    the devices, and different UIs for them and the same on the PC side, you
    would need to provide exactly what you are dealing with and hope someone
    with the same setup has made it work, and remembers how. When providing that
    info, be specific. HTC Wizard is not the same as iMate, K-Jam, T-Mobile MDA
    or AT&T 8125, in this case. Indicate what you have. Each variation can have
    differences on how control panels are laid out. Just as important on the PC
    side, though that side is more important to know what software is being
    used. You can use most BT dongles with the drivers that come with XP or
    Vista, but you loose a lot. If you are using a Belkin dongle and the
    software that came with it, or a downloaded some Blue Soleil stuff from the
    web, say so.

    Not saying I can help, but if you define the problem clearly, more than "I
    have a PPC and can't get BT sync to work, tried everything, please help,"
    maybe someone can. I've been pretty successful getting it to work in the
    past, but honestly I don't bother with it as a rule. I generally have a
    cradle or cable hooked to my PC and when I am close to it the WM Device gets
    connected to sync and charge. I'm generally don't get the urge to sync when
    I'm within 20-30 ft of the PC, without also wanting to charge.

    Typically though, it is a matter of setting one side or the other as
    discoverable, and then having the other discover it. Once the two items know
    about each other you go into one or the other and check for services.
    Hopefully serial is one of them. Then on the PC in the BT control panel you
    set a serial port to be emulated via BT, and AS or WMDC to use that serial
    port. You may need to do a similar thing on the PPC. In the BT settings,
    set up a comm port, and set AS to use it. This may be a matter of just
    selecting Connect Via BT.

    The reason they don't need to be the same, is that they only mean anything
    on the one device. The PPC uses a serial profile on a virtual comm port to
    send data over BT, which is received by the PC over BT with a serial profile
    and presented to AS via a virtual comm port. If you think about it, and you
    are old enough, when you hooked two PCs together with a serial cable, it
    didn't need to be the same comm port on both ends. You just needed to tell
    the Terminal program which comm port to use at each end. and make sure the
    wire was connected to the right port at each end. BT is the wire.
    Sven, Dec 9, 2007
  9. CJSnet

    Mark Guest

    I have an HP DV9610US laptop using whatever stack it comes with. Looking at
    the drivers they indicate MS, but I may not necessarily be looking at the all
    the right places. The only other software loaded is MS Office.

    The BT device is a Treo 700WX from Verizon. Using whatever came on it.

    I have found that pairing is hit and miss. With all the
    problems/troubleshooting, I have deleted and re-paired a number of times. I
    have initiated pairing from the BT device and also the laptop. Sometimes it
    works the same, sometimes not. Sometimes it finds the Activesync service,
    sometimes not.

    On the BT device it tells me the laptop provides the Activesync service. On
    the laptop it says the Treo provides DUN on COM4.

    Just like CJSnet I can beam files back and forth without issues. But when I
    try to sync from the BT device and click 'Connect with BT', it say it 'can't
    find a partnership with a device that supports Activesync...Do I want to set
    one up?' Looking in the BT console on the device it does indicate the
    Activesync service is checked. I have bothe checked and unchecked this
    service as one used indicated on his device that fixed his problem. I have
    not found a way to initiate a sync from the laptop since it never thinks
    there is anything connected. The BT connection state indicator on the device
    confirms this. It only indicates a connection when service information is
    beign requested or files are being beamed, otherwise it indicates there is no

    Whenever I initiate a pairing it connects, then immediately disconnects. I
    have previously posted on this situation, but have not recieved any repsonse
    to it.

    I have tested the device with a BT headset and the BT connection remains on
    and functional/stable. In troubleshooting the BT connection, I have done all
    Palm has recommended. Such as not having any other pairings active at the
    time and not being in any application that might intereferem such as the
    camera. As far as I can tell Activesync is the only non-functional
    application of BT.

    Activesync works fine via USB so that part seems to be working.

    I have posted on the Palm site, and all the related non-Palm sites with no
    repsonse. From all the posts I've seen this is a very common problem and non
    of the peopple I have found have gotten any repsonse from their device
    supplier or anyone to get this resolved. I have also contacted HP and to date
    they do not have any clue as to what is happening or how to fix it. I am
    trying to get it escalated through their support structure currently.
    Mark, Dec 9, 2007
  10. CJSnet

    Sven Guest

    Unfortunately I don't have an HP laptop with BT, though it sounds a bit like
    it is just using the MS stack, which should work. I have no familiarity with
    Palm's BT implementation. I will tell you one important piece of info
    though, you CANNOT initiate BT sync from the laptop/desktop, it must start
    at the Treo (or any other WM device) using the Connect via BT in AS, so
    don't bother trying. Once things are set right the process is that the
    device pops up the comm port and BT connection, is felt at the PC and
    AS/WMDC is listening on that particular comm port and connects. I would love
    it to work like most headsets, that when the partnered phone and headset are
    on, and close, they just pair, but it doesn't.

    DUN (dial up networking) is not the profile you want to be using BTW. That
    is a feature designed for your laptop to use the internet via a pass through
    to your Mobile's data plan.

    Good luck, hope someone here can help. You might start a new thread with
    'Treo 700w/HP DV9610US laptop BT sync problem' as the title. Might have less
    diluted responses.
    Sven, Dec 9, 2007
  11. CJSnet

    Todd Allcock Guest

    At 09 Dec 2007 06:45:00 -0800 Mark wrote:

    On my XP PC (with an el cheapo D-Link BT dongle) I had to manually assign a
    COM port to my BT device, then manually tell Activesync to use the COM port
    I assigned to the BT dongle. THEN I could pair the WinMo device (from the
    device- not the PC) and have it discover the Activesync service.

    I'm not sure any of this applies to your situation, but it might be
    applicable at least to the general idea that BT, while useful when working,
    still isn't "plug n' play."

    That's correct- each device finds what it can "use" from the other- sync
    via BT has to be initiated from the WM device, so it "sees" the PC as
    something to sync to (as having an "Activesync service.") The PC doesn't
    see the WM device as anything but a cellular modem, so it sees a "DUN"

    Can you manually assign the PC's BT COM port in WMDC? Due to some problem
    I've never tracked down, Activesync seems to "fire up" on my PC's bootup
    before my dongle's driver does, so I get an error message saying the AS COM
    port isn't available and I have to disable it for AS to load. By then, the
    dongle lights up and I can immediately re-enable the COM port (in my case,

    Best of luck. I wish I had better advice than "BT is just flakey that

    If your only/primary use of BT on this laptop is for AS, you might try
    removing the BT hardware in Device Manager, then reinstalling it with the
    Add New Hardware function, hoping it loads generic MS BT drivers instead of
    HP's. They seem to be more "sync friendly," but as Sven said, they
    supposedly lack some BT functionality, but seem to work fine for synching
    and BT headset (for VoIP) use- the only things I need BT on my PC for.
    Todd Allcock, Dec 10, 2007
  12. CJSnet

    baffled_one Guest

    This is wonderful. Well-reasoned. All of it makes tantalizing sense.
    Except it's not solving my problem, which is identical to the one
    described in this thread.

    One thing I am maybe not understanding is the post-restart step where
    you are supposed make a change so that something (not sure what) reads "
    Serial Port".

    Help please?

    I can sync my phone but not via Bluetooth. It was SO much easier and
    straight forward on windows XP.
    baffled_one, Dec 29, 2008
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