Vista build 5744 now pausing

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by pippin, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. pippin

    pippin Guest

    Same long pauses happened to me with RC2 build. A day after installing and
    then installing Office + Tech refresh my typing ground to a hault at times.
    It was so bad of for me I went back to RC1. I didn't have black screens but
    did have resolution problems which I don't have with RC1.

    RC2 brought a few more bugs for me and pausing definitely was one of them. I
    would have worked with the others but not being able to type quickly drove me
    crazy :(
    pippin, Oct 21, 2006
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  2. pippin

    Yoshi Guest

    I had pausing issues in the beginning but after a few days, it stopped. RC2
    is pretty impressive.

    Make sure you have the latest video drivers. Woundn't suprise me if
    Microsoft isn't collecting info the 1st fews of installing RC2.
    Yoshi, Oct 21, 2006
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  3. pippin

    pippin Guest

    was your slow down issues really bad for the first few days with RC2?
    I didn't even hit anything like the slow down with beta2 pre-RC1 or RC1
    itself. RC1 is working even better since the clean install again although I
    was annoyed with myself that RC2 didn't work out for me. I was frustrated as
    the computer installed on is above any minimum spec shown for the final
    release. If this had been my first install I would have given up, perhaps I
    was too hopeful that RC2 would have whizzed for me especiallly when the
    actual install didn't hang :(

    As soon as I loaded RC1 again my resolution was perfect, your point is
    interesting that RC2 may not have loaded the best drivers for my Nvidia card
    despite having them for RC1.

    I downloaded Nvidia's beta driver after I had reverted but still have the
    driver and will try this if I think the sloooooooooooow down in typing or
    doing most things would correct itself. Maybe then see RC2 before we can no
    longer run Vista.
    I did notice an 'odd bit' on the black screen when loading which looked to
    be a grahic issue - it vanished with RC1 again.

    apologies to Graham for the extra help I have had in his post.
    back to the pausing issues Graham has (& I had with RC2)
    pippin, Oct 21, 2006
  4. pippin

    RoadRunner Guest

    You might want to correct your day and time , Its not sunday 2"35 am as of
    RoadRunner, Oct 21, 2006
  5. pippin

    Yoshi Guest

    Yes. When I first installed RC2, it was very fast. Then I noticed it was
    updating using Windows update. Initially, I thought maybe that was causing
    it to slow down/pause. I was very frusterated but stuck with it (because of
    initial fast response). I posted in the newsgroup about how slow it was and
    got a response that it could be my NVIDIA driver. I tried installing the
    Vista Beta drivers from NVIDIA but had some problems getting it to install.
    I finally did some research and found someone that posted how to install the
    NVIDIA GO beta drivers. I finally got the latest driver to install and now
    Vista runs like a champ. I honestly believe it's faster than XP.

    Also, I decided to clean my fan because my cpu was running very hot. After
    the cleaning, I reduced the cpu temp my 10 degrees believe it or not.

    I am runing Vista RC2 as my production OS. I have complete confidence that I
    will not have any issues.

    Hope this helps...
    Yoshi, Oct 21, 2006
  6. pippin

    Graham7 Guest

    Vista is pausing for 10-20 second intervals, especially when using Word or
    Excel 2007 tech refresh version. The only new software installed this week
    was two old games the next tetris and total annihilation:Kingdoms. However
    the screen going black randomly for 1-2 seconds has stopped... anyone else
    noting this pause behavior?
    Graham7, Oct 22, 2006
  7. pippin

    pippin Guest

    Yoshi, thank you very much I will research further for the way to install
    Nvidia drivers for my 7900GTX card and then perhaps I will be able to install
    RC2 again and enjoy the new benefits over the RC1 install. I would try asap
    but have to consider the whole install of Office + tech refresh on a clean
    install & I do like Office 2007.

    I will make sure I know what I am doing before a format of the setup I have
    at the moment but this information will be very helpful especially if
    something untoward should happen to my current install at least then I will
    have a clear option to try Rc2 again hopefully without the pauses. I am
    almost sure it was the GC drivers in my case too. Thank you a little more
    research now as GC drivers are the one area in XP also which I am always
    cautious about updating. Vista betas have taught me a ot which I never would
    have tried on my main PC install.
    pippin, Oct 22, 2006
  8. pippin

    Graham7 Guest

    heh re time of posting... it was in my part of the world, its now mid Sunday
    morning in Australia!

    but back to the issue at hand, the first two weeks with RC2 were great, aero
    works great on the intel 945GM, and everything else seems ok... I have
    connected to the internet using a LAN, wireless connections and a USB
    broadband card, all is well except this pausing phenomenon. that has only
    started over the past two days. Fan activity is a lot less than under beta,
    i did not install RC1 as the DVD arrived after I had downloaded RC2...

    I have not had any black screens since the pausing activity has

    update only indicates defender definitions, no sign of mSoft installing any
    other code on the computer...
    Graham7, Oct 22, 2006
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