Vista Cannot Read 2GB SD CARD

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by colt22, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. colt22

    colt22 Guest

    Hey, I have a Texas Instruments Card Reader DRIVER:[ PCIxx12 Integrated
    FlashMedia Controller Driver (64-BIT)], but I cannot access SD CARDS.

    When I put my 2GB SD Card in it asks me to format, but when I try to
    format it, It says It cannot format, thus making the card useless.

    anyone else have this problem ! :(
    colt22, Mar 2, 2008
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  2. colt22

    Curious Guest

    How are you trying to format it? What errors are you getting?
    Curious, Mar 2, 2008
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  3. Can the card be read in any other computer?
    Richard G. Harper, Mar 2, 2008
  4. colt22

    Dwarf Guest

    Hi colt22,

    A number of points. Check your SD card. Is the lock tab moved towards lock?
    To unlock the card, this tab should be moved towards the rear of the card, ie
    towards the contacts end. Another thing is that there are actually 2 formats
    of SD card. The first is a standard card which can be readable in most card
    readers but the second is a newer format, SDHC, and these can only be read in
    compatible readers or adapters (many of these come with a USB adapter).
    Dwarf, Mar 2, 2008
  5. colt22

    V Green Guest

    I don't think there are any 2G SDHC. SDHC starts at 4G and above.

    Probably just have an incompatible (with that specific slot) card. Happens
    to me all the time. Just either a. throw it away and never buy that particular
    brand /type again or b. find out what it DOES work with, write that on it with
    Sharpie, and restrict its use to just those devices.

    V Green, Mar 2, 2008
  6. colt22

    QuickHit Guest

    ..I believe this to be a problem with the Vista 32 and 64 bit versions SD
    driver for your card reader and mine (Lexar Media multi-card reader). I just
    type us a very informative reply with proof and all but this forumn didn't
    save it so now I will keep it short. Works fine if you have a card reader
    that uses Microsofts drivers (like in the HP pavillion). Quickest solution
    buy an new card reader that uses Microsofts drivers for the SD card.
    QuickHit, Apr 1, 2008
  7. colt22

    phong.u.phan Guest

    I have exact same problem. My 2Gb SD card works perfectly on my one
    labtop with Windows XP, and doesn't work on the other labtop with
    Windows Vista (the drive doesn't even show up in [My] Computer in
    Vista). Both labtops are made by Toshiba. My SD card contains pictures
    in it.

    Any help from any experts would be highly appreciated. I wonder if
    Microsoft knows about this?
    phong.u.phan, May 15, 2008
  8. colt22

    demonike84 Guest

    reg fix worked like a charm thanks a lo
    demonike84, Aug 12, 2008
  9. colt22

    Olderguy1 Guest

    I have the same problem as everyone else. I made the change to the
    registery value and the problem is now corrected. Thanks so much for
    the help.
    Olderguy1, Aug 24, 2008
  10. once i had this problem that when plcaing the card adapter on the
    computer slot it asked to formated the card, then a friend told me to
    just put a bit of selotape on the lateral of the adapter covering where
    has has a bit or curve( space) not sure how to say it, but after doing
    that it worked normal aagin, now im having a different proble that
    applies to this bloody vista, it no longer read my sd carder neither
    with the adapter placed on the slot or through the usb card reader, and
    i need it so often
    if any oen could help
    carlaventurine, Oct 26, 2008
  11. colt22

    cavuu Guest

    My Duracell 4Gb Micro SDHC came with a SD adapter and a USB adapter.
    I downloaded the Microsoft fix wich enabled me to read the card but only
    with the "built-in" SD card reader in my laptop.

    The fix did not solve the problem with an external USB card reader on my

    The Micro SD to USB adapter included with the card is recognized by my
    computer as a removeable disk but when the Micro SD card is inserted into the
    adapter the computer does not see the memory card.

    Has there been any update on resolving the problem.
    cavuu, Jan 10, 2009
  12. colt22

    Olderguy1 Guest

    I used the information listed below to edit the registery.
    Hope this helps you.

    Now you need to edit registry to change SD card settings.
    Run regedit.

    Key you want to edit is located in:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlS* et001\Services\tifm21\Parameters
    Original Key Value: SDParam = 16 (Decimal)
    New Key Value: SDParam = 1

    This registry fix solved my problem, and I'm VERY grateful for it. For
    the sake of information, does anyone know what changing this key
    actually does?
    Olderguy1, Jun 21, 2009
  13. colt22

    Olderguy1 Guest

    I re-checked the registery information I posted and discovered an error
    in the string.
    I did a copy/paste from the information I had located in 8/08.

    I edited my original reply and corrected the string. Give this a try.
    Olderguy1, Jun 21, 2009
  14. colt22

    Curious Guest

    Windows applications that are capable of using registry entries to change
    their behavior do not necessarily store the default values for their
    behavior in the registry when installed. But they will check the registry
    each time the run and if the entry is their they will use instead of their
    default value. Therefore if you add the entry it will most likely be used.
    Curious, Jun 21, 2009
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